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Anxiety Treatment Gold Coast and Beyond

 Anxiety Treatment Gold Coast and beyond heal anxiety naturallyHello, I’m Sandy.

Anxiety Treatment Gold Coast and beyond: I have been treating clients with a range of anxiety issues from panic attacks; depression; post-traumatic stress; relationship issues; business or financial stress and other anxiety issues for over 16 years. In this time, I have helped hundreds of people heal their anxiety forever.

Most people who I work with have already worked with quite a few other people and have tried many different anxiety treatments including drugs and drug-free treatments; but are still left struggling to resolve the underlying problem that’s causing them so much pain. Some have even gotten to the point where they feel they can’t live like this anymore and have almost given up hope.

By the time they talk to me some people are sceptical about how I can help, because they’re worn down and disillusioned by things they’ve tried that haven’t worked. Often they’re so anxious, overwhelmed and fearful of their future that once they talk to me and hear what I do, they’re ready to give one more thing a try.

My work is unlike anything else out there. And yes, I know you’re thinking “Yeah right, this is your website, of course you’re going to say this kind of stuff about your work!” and I understand why you’d feel that way, but all I ask is that you keep reading and decide for yourself if you think I might just be the one to finally be able to heal your anxiety so you can become anxiety free forever, like so many of my other clients.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious or afraid?

Do you identify with any of these 10 questions?

If you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, my Anxiety Treatment on the Gold Coast or remotely could be a good fit to help you become anxiety free.

Have you been struggling to sleep, always feeling emotional, conflicted or fearful?

Do you feel like there’s something broken inside you? That something is wrong deep down that you can’t really explain and that no amount of alternative healing, medication or counselling has helped with?

Do you look around and feel like it seems that ‘everyone else’ is fine and coping with life, but you find everything is so hard?

Have you gone along to various seminars, retreats or workshops hopeful that you’ll finally figure this stuff out, or have a shelf full of personal development books?

Do you find yourself feeling constantly conflicted or scared to make decisions?

Are you constantly trying to please other people?

Do you feel like you’d avoid confrontation at any cost?

Or are you always trying to control people and situations or find yourself getting angry, even over small things?

Are you afraid of not succeeding and worry about how you’ll make things work?

Are your relationships unhealthy? Do you find yourself repeatedly in toxic relationships and wonder how you got there?

If you’ve been reading this nodding your head, then we may be a good fit to work together and you are in the right place.

There may be a big part of you that feels like you should be able to control, deal with and resolve these issues on your own. However I’m here to tell you not to worry – I have seen and dealt with all these issues before and am confident we can create a way forward for you to live a life that is calm, joyful, connected and safe.

How my Anxiety Treatment on the Gold Coast and Beyond Works

I’m sure you want some insight into my work and how I do it.

Just as I have helped hundreds of others; I help you become anxiety free through a series of sessions either through Skype or from my anxiety treatment office on the Gold Coast.

The first thing I will do with you is conduct a Anxiety Free Breakthrough Session, which will help me understand you better and where you are at with your anxiety, stress, depression or trauma.

I can then let you know how long we will need to work together, what you can expect, and how the Soul Integration heals you from the inside out, dissolving all the trauma and hurt and negative thinking. This effectively forms a bridge between your emotions and feelings where you and your body easily lets go of the past, allowing those parts of you that once felt broken to reform back into a whole being, at the very core your being.

What I do is the spiritual equivalent of what chiropractors do for their patient’s spines

What I do is a series of adjustments that gradually bring things back into alignment. By the end of your treatment for anxiety disorders things are fixed, back in place, and aligned.

Unlike chiropractic work that works on your back, I work on your soul. I integrate all the wounded, broken and far-flung parts of it to bring the core of who you are back into alignment, so you can finally experience freedom from anxiety. Freedom from dealing with worry, fear, doubt and inner turmoil. After our work together, you can finally set yourself free and have anxiety relief forever.

In the same way that your chiropractor does some manual adjustments on you during your session, I also do some hands on work with you in our anxiety treatment sessions. Just as he asks you to do certain exercises between visits, I’ll be asking you to do certain things between our sessions too.

When my clients have completed their time with me, they describe their overall wellbeing in words like wholeness, inner peace, sense of underlying calm, trust, faith, safety and security. These are the same clients who once said they felt hopeless, helpless, overwhelmed by anxiety and paralysed by fear.

After our work together my clients’ lives, businesses and relationships are healthy and in balance by dealing with anxiety and getting the right sort of Anxiety treatment that heals them forever.

They are able to live from a place of authenticity, following their own innate sense of guidance, without any doubts, feeling calm, confident joyful and connected to themselves.

If these are the sorts of things you wish you could honestly say that you felt, please reach out and get in touch for anxiety relief & management. Alternatively, read more on my site about me, my work, blogs and what my clients have to say.

What our clients have to say:

“Working through Sandy’s Anxiety Free Forever program has enhanced my life. I met Sandy and declared myself to be in the deepest rut of my life. What glorious timing, because she replied, “well, that’s why I’m here!” So we started my journey together and I have had a deep soul transformation. I have been able to work specifically on detangling myself from past beliefs that hindered me, ridding my inner world of negative and fear based reactions, & stopping the struggles with issues from decades past. I have found the peace and calm and momentum to create my future connected to my Soul centre, my true self. Now I can think about me. I was happy before but now I feel joyous. I was capable before but now I feel empowered. Sandy, I wish to thank you for providing the safe place I needed as I took the journey through the dark until I reached my light. The way, she deals with anxiety is really awesome. I recommend her Treatment For Anxiety. Sincerely, Louise R.”



Louise, Gold Coast

It has been more than a year since I met Sandy and every day I am thankful that I did. Thankful that you shared particular knowledge with me that changed my life. I was unknowingly contributing to the unrest, poor health and failure after failure. Throughout all this Sandy assured me that deep down in my true self I understood why this was happening in my life and I would become safely aware as I went through the healing process.  That awareness  followed and was a driving force for me to practice techniques Sandy taught me, allowing me with ease to control my thought patterns and emotions. Day after day, miracle after miracle and now, today I AM perfect emotional health. So tomorrow, I can be anything of my own choosing. Sandy you are Love. Your goal is most important and your encouragement rings true.To the reader; what an opportunity you now have, I am very excited. You will have every problem simplified in a way that you can literally accept it. No matter the reason you are here, or the hardship you are experiencing or how painful you are thinking your life is; all will just dissolve so you never have to experience it again.I am excited because what comes next is a life of your choosing.

With love for you Sandy,

Mitchell Ferguson

“Last week I had a deeply healing session with the ever beautiful Sandy Hounsell. What she did for me (and my business) was truly miraculous. Sandy quickly uncovered what was REALLY making me feel anxious, overwhelmed, and tied down in my business and then healed it! What was holding me back in my business was also holding me back in almost every other area of my life — what she did was transform my life and I didn’t even notice it completely until a few days after the healing because I was so “busy” living this new me I had forgotten I ever had that stuff. (Side note: The new me has a lot more success in her business than the old me…cha-china!) On top of the healing she also helped me discover and understand how I produce best, work most efficiently, and stay inspired in my business, which is so so important for us coaches. Instead of running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off…I am a butterfly floating from one flower to the next gracefully and purposefully.I recommend and will recommend her to anyone looking for a major breakthrough in their business or relationships- simply amazing Sandy.”

J Mayers

“After moving in circles for the past few years with no direction or understanding of where I was going or how to move forward I finally made an appointment with Sandy at the gentle urging of a girlfriend. I am a work in progress but it’s work I do not fear and the rewards of this work are revealing themselves in the most positives uplifting and exciting ways. I am opening up to all possibilities that are limitless, enjoying the wisdom that comes with all new experiences and understanding and moving past old destructive habits. Sandy has given me the gift of Self. Thank you Sandy.”

Dani, Gold Coast

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