Anxiety Treatment Gold Coast and beyond heal anxiety naturallyHello, I’m Sandy Hounsell and I’m here to help you as an ambitious professional woman have a successful business or career and a quality love relationship without the emotional conflict or struggle that usually occurs between the two.

That challenge generally finds and presents itself at a deep core level, and in fact my passion is all about helping woman rediscover and reclaim their deep soul connection that allows them to enjoy both professional success and success in their love life; and not experience a sense of disconnection or the conflict that occurs between their professional life and the love life.

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Your professional life really matters to you and you’ve got that going well but your love life is a mess no matter what you do. You just seem to continually attract the wrong people.

You want a soul mate; you want emotional balance; you have ambition; and want a career; and you want new ways of doing things but you don’t know how to have relationships. You may be thinking “ I am doing all this traditional love and I am struggling to take care of me”.

You are a woman who values love; you value success and you want to feel more freedom; you are ambitious; you want to achieve but whatever you do it doesn’t seem to work out and you continually keep running into yourself getting nowhere.

You are getting caught up in an anxiety blind spot and thinking your constant worry or sleepless nights are a result of your workaholic tendencies; or because of the constant juggling that you do in order to try and establish some balance and harmony in both of your worlds.

You have lost the sense of who you are in your relationship or your professional life and want it back.

You maybe transitioning out of relationship, or into a new one and trying to build a business or a career and needing to re-establish your sense of worth and find yourself falling into a dark hole scrambling to get out feeling that you are going backwards.

       My clients who have found me have realised it is possible to heal these feelings and have the life and love 

that once seemed impossible.  

Do you feel that:-


The natural leader in you is being stifled and procrastinating from fear of judgment or criticism?

The practical organiser is disorganised; falling behind with tasks or goals, leaving you feeling frustrated and unfulfilled?

One of your challenges is to be ‘selfish’ and ou find it hard to put yourself first?

You are wanting to embrace your personal power in all aspects of your life and finding it a real challenge?

You often hide your uniqueness by blending in with others in case you stand out?

The creator in you is short of ideas?

The liberator in you is scared to soar and fly high?

The sensitive you is in constant worry and overwhelm?

You are always trying to keep everyone happy and experiencing sleepless nights, or continually worrying about how you are perceived?

You value love; you value your professional life; you are spiritually evolved but maybe your emotions haven’t yet caught up?

Through soul connection you feel free to express your wondrous unique Self in all aspects of your life.


You can find relief in the moment:-

But if you want leading edge spiritual transformation to help you fully evolve to experience your true self so you can have:

  ∗  A healthy lasting relationship that is founded on unconditional love;

  ∗  True emotional freedom, in fact liberation and;

  ∗  A limitless sense of success and future potential

Then know you can…Now!

I give the spiritual perspective and deep transformational healing so you can connect and remain ever true to you.

I have found in all my years of healing through Soul Integration™–  Connection is the true path to success.

When you freely incorporate all that you are and all that you have to offer, then you will be truly happy and successful in every area of your life.

Working through Sandy’s Soul Connection program has enhanced my life. Before I met Sandy, I was happy but now I feel joyous. I was capable before but now I am empowered. The way she heals anxiety is really awesome.

I recommend her Program For Anxiety.


Louise R

Gold Coast

After going around  in circles for the past few years with no direction or understanding of where I was going or how to move forward,  I finally made an appointment with Sandy.

The rewards of this work are revealing themselves in the most positive uplifting and exciting ways. Sandy has given me back the gift of Me.  Thank you Sandy.


Gold Coast

I experienced deep soul healing with the ever beautiful Sandy Hounsell. What she did for me (and my business) was truly miraculous.

I recommend and will recommend her to anyone looking for a major breakthrough in their business and relationships – simply amazing.   Thank you Sandy.


J Mayers

Business Coach USA

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