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Anxiety Treatment Gold Coast and Beyond

Want to be Free from Anxiety Forever?

Anxiety Treatment Gold Coast and beyond heal anxiety naturallyHello, I’m Sandy Hounsell and I have been treating clients with a range of anxiety issues such as panic attacks; depression; relationship issuescareer stress; or financial pressures  for over 16 years. In this time, I have helped hundreds of people heal their anxiety forever.

My drug-free anxiety treatments will help you get out of that black hole; that feeling that you are lost in a maze; or that nagging feeling that a part of you is missing.

My clients who have found me have realised it is possible to heal these feelings forever, and live the life of their dreams.

Working through Sandy’s Anxiety Free Forever program has enhanced my life. Before I met Sandy, I was happy but now I feel joyous. I was capable before but now I feel empowered.

The way she deals with anxiety is really awesome.

I recommend her Treatment For Anxiety.

Louise R

Gold Coast

After moving in circles for the past few years with no direction or understanding of where I was going or how to move forward I finally made an appointment with Sandy … the rewards of this work are revealing themselves in the most positives uplifting and exciting ways. Sandy has given me the gift of Self.

Thank you Sandy.


Gold Coast

Last week I had a deeply healing session with the ever beautiful Sandy Hounsell. What she did for me (and my business) was truly miraculous.

I recommend and will recommend her to anyone looking for a major breakthrough in their business or relationships- simply amazing. Thank you Sandy.


J Mayers

About Sandy Hounsell

As a Healer, Mentor and Hypnotherapist I help men and women be calm confident, joyful and in control. I am passionate about helping people live a life without fear and without limitations, so you live the life you have always dreamed about. Read More >

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