5 Tips For Lasting Healthy Relationships 

Here are some tips to help you achieve lasting healthy relationships that are little different to the norm by placing you at the centre of your thoughts and hence yourself.

 1. Be honest with your feelings. Don’t ever deny how you truly feel about something. When you are honest with yourself and not in denial or pushing those feelings down deep out of the way, you give yourself the opportunity to honour, love and accept yourself. And that way you are setting healthy boundaries in your relationships.

 2. Communicate from your heart, and not from your head or hurt ego. If you are not in tune with your heart wait until you connect to that very important part of you before you speak up …it only takes a minute or two of quiet reflection.

 3. Stop before you let that thought take over and become your words. Words born out of negative energy take flight in their own direction creating outcomes that all to often cause unnecessary hurt and distress for both parties. So put thought into what you say and the energy with which you create your thoughts before you speak.   

4. Note any reactions you experience to particular situations in your relationship; or what is said and how it is said. Reactions are mostly emotionally charged triggers going of deep down in your subconscious and nervous system. This can be looked upon as a good thing. So instead of letting that reaction take control and cause you to behave in a way that is not reflective of who you really are. Look at it as an opportunity to heal the inner wound and so become more whole and complete and content.   

5. Honour your space as well as theirs. Time alone spent in reflection, or taking part in your favourite sport/ past time, or sharing time with your friends helps you to maintain a healthy sense of self. This in turn reaffirms the value of who you are, and that it is ok to do things for yourself.




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