Hi Everyone the focus of this blog is one of Acceptance.  The type of acceptance that will enable us to make changes in our life that will open doors to new opportunities. As we open each door then, we will be presented with a path upon which to walk in the direction that we most desire.  2011 is a year of immense global change as well as deep inner change so it is a very opportune time to encourage all to be in Acceptance of what is.

I have found myself really in the midst of Acceptance this past couple of months that after 5 visits from technicians couldn’t fix the ear piercing shrill that intermittently came across my phone and killed my internet completely.  But after much hassle is now finally fixed. In the midst of that my beautiful husband became unwell and recently suffered a heart attack but thankfully is now on the mend and we are both accepting the change this has brought into our life.


No matter what the situation, accept it as is. That doesn’t mean that you lie down and let others roll over you, or that you give up and not alter circumstances that are painful for your self or another.  In that precise moment of accepting, what is, a ripple of change starts to flow. It doesn’t matter either, if that first ripple is only small. Change has commenced its journey. The dynamics of that feeling or situation to which you are in acceptance has been altered in that exact moment.

When we accept our feelings and thoughts, whatever they are, over a particular situation, we take the first step in breaking the hold that those feelings have over our life. When we no longer deny how we feel, we begin to honour who we are, even when our thoughts are not necessarily loving thoughts at that time. As we practice acceptance, our thoughts will, and do become both loving and compassionate. By not accepting what is we actually deny our self the possibility of healing.

 Stepping out of the internal struggle

By accepting what is, we can step out of the inner struggle and create a place in which to reflect and observe. In that place of observation we place our self in a much stronger position where we can exercise conscious choice. At first though, when we learn to accept a particular situation instead of fighting it, we may feel that we are putting our self in a much more precarious position. We may even feel vulnerable because we don’t actually have an alternative to replace that struggle with. It may even feel as if we are casting our self adrift without a lifeline. Heaven forbid!

We may also be wasting inordinate amounts of energy thinking about the potential outcomes instead of just simply focussing on a desired outcome that assists us in moving forward. This is especially so when that situation is eating away at us inside and it is all we can think about.

There may have also been times when we have been very badly treated and are genuinely still suffering. It may seem that it is totally impossible to heal from the situation, but we can. The soul, being of the universal source of unconditional love, can lead us out of our inner turmoil. When we create timeout, through acceptance, even subconsciously that moment of peace is remembered by every cell in our body. We can then come to know that peace is indeed possible.

 Stepping into acceptance

When we step into acceptance, we create a space in which the soul may enter to voice its wisdom to bring about healing of any situation. The healing that will ensue, will not only bring resolution to the current issue, but also healing of the root cause that gave rise to the issue/s in the first place. The soul will also reveal the nugget of wisdom that is exists in every problem, and which is so often not recognised by the human mind. As we practice acceptance where it becomes the norm, and especially so acceptance of our beautiful self, our mind and our emotions quieten, and our soul’s light glows ever brighter.

 Our soul transmutes the negative

That light exuding from our soul has within it the love of the universal source. The wisdom and guidance from our soul, being derived from the heart of source has an amazing way of communicating with all parts of our self. That love, being energy of the purest kind, blends easily with the energy of our emotions, our thoughts, our feelings and our physical body. It transmits the ultimate healing and enlightening energy from the heart of one. The unconditional love from Source so filled with compassion and understanding, melts and dissolves internal barriers between those divided parts within our self. The path to integration then commences. Practicing acceptance will teach our self to detach from perceived outcomes.  Detachment is then the next step in healing of our soul.

Building self trust 

Acceptance is trusting in ourself and the higher power of Source. It’s also about trusting the unknown or what we may perceive as uncontrollable. We very often mistake surrender of control for a feeling of defeat. Our soul turns our behaviours, fears and thoughts on their heads and revolutionises our approach to be driven by love. That love, is love of self and love for all. It’s about trusting our self and turning our ears toward the internal voice of our soul.

When we are ready for change our soul stirs deep inside creating a desire for change.  As we listen then, and act upon the messages coming from the soul, both the mind and soul receive divine healing from source. Dark fearful thinking is transformed to a more enlightened way of thinking. Feelings of discomfort are transformed to feelings of hope and self belief.

 Action – not reaction 

Acceptance is one of the first steps in learning the wonderful art of surrender. It’s about finding the freedom in surrender.  Listening to the inner voice of our soul, builds trust strengthening the bridge between the mind and the soul. As the bridge continues to strengthens and expand, we, now as one mind, one soul, build another bridge to the higher mind. This amazingly beautiful expansive process continues as we stay tuned to our soul. A bridge of light, of communication, is connecting us directly to the universal mind of the universal source of all creation.

                                   Acceptance is action, not re-action! 


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