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Is your anxiety out of control? Take the quick quiz below for anxiety disorder test and rate your levels of stress, worry and negativity on a scale of 1 to 10. Once you can see how well (or badly) you manage your anxiety by anxiety disorder test, you’ll be in a better position to take action. If you’re ready to take it further, I suggest seeking out an expert such as myself to discuss the best way forward.

  • 0 - I worry about the future, getting things done, and getting to the next level
  • 10 - Live in the present moment
  • 0 - My mind is so cluttered with things I have to do that I don't even have time to think
  • 10 - My mind is free and clear for new ideas and opportunities
  • 0 - I feel overwhelmed and stressed even by the smallest things
  • 10 - I feel peaceful and relaxed no matter what my current situation is
  • 0 - I get stuck in a holding pattern when I feel overwhelmed by responsibilities, tasks, and obligations
  • 10 - I easily and effortlessly accomplish everything I set out to accomplish
  • 0 - My mind jumps to the worst possible scenario and I feel bad things always happen to me
  • 10 - My mind is open to all positive opportunities and I welcome them with open arms
  • 0 - I experience headaches, panic attacks, or other unexpected bursts of emotion on a weekly basis
  • 10 - I flow freely through my week with little to no signs of anxiety or high-stress

  • Please add your details in below and we’ll email your completed quiz to you

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