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Tips to help you beat Anxiety

Our aim is to provide best anxiety & panic disorder treatments. Here are three useful tips to help you deal with anxiety when it comes up–though remember, I go into a lot more detail with you one-to-one, when you register for your free Anxiety-Free Breakthrough session.

Tip 1: Self-Analysis

Remember that there have probably been many times where you were worried, yet everything turned out well. Instead of succumbing to anxiety, take a deep breath and try this. Ask yourself: “Is this thought true?” “Does this thought make me feel good?” and “Does this thought help me reach my goals?” These questions act as a reality check – and they’ll help you to understand that these types of repetitive fears are not only ungrounded, but they’re also an unnecessary drain on your energy.

Tip 2: Positive Empowerment

Remind yourself that you have the innate strength and ability to handle anything that comes your way. Positive empowerment is a highly effective way of training your mind to search for and find uplifting and positive perspectives for any situation.

Rather than ignoring or suppressing anxiety and negative thoughts, you can redirect the mind with at least three counter-arguments. For instance, if your negative thought is that something terrible could happen, you can try turning that around to instead say to yourself “Right now I am ok”….”The chance of that happening is very low”…and “I had this same fear last week, and it didn’t come true then – so it’s unlikely to now.”

Tip 3: Take a Deep Breath

It sounds almost too simple – but deep breathing is a powerful a way to relax and release anxiety and pressure. Simply inhale slowly and deeply, with your eyes closed, and remember to breathe into your chest and down into your abdomen. On the inhale, fully expand your lungs, and then allow your belly to rise. Then at the end of your exhale, slightly pull your abdomen back toward your spine, to push all the air out of the belly.Conscious breathing has a calming effect on our nervous system and can very quickly calm our emotional state.

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