You are unlimited so aim for the stars…..

See your path stretch clear ahead, along which you have placed, planted, your aspirations and desires. Notice how clear your path lays our before you, pure gold.  There are no obstacles on your path of love. Walk along your highway and see yourself as you want to be. There are friends surrounding you with love and appreciation; where all of you can just be yourselves.

In your relationship you are fulfilled, uplifted, accepted for you are. Where you also accept yourself unconditionally.  Communication flows freely and truthfully between you and all your loved ones, friends and acquaintences.  It is easy to listen and offer support from your heart

As a parent you are conscious. Aware of your words and their powerful effect over your children. You keep your issues from over spilling into your role as a parent and your children feel naturally safe. They are taught how to remain in touch with their own unique feelings, bearing no judgement over their own abilities. They are free to express from their heart also, being lovingly taught by you. They harbour no resentments or blames as they understand the joy of acceptance and loving without condition. They learn that they create in every moment and can create with positive, enriching thoughts that bring about growth for all. You have taught them well.

As you wander further along, you notice how clear your own thoughts are becoming and how strong you feel inside. You understand the intrinsic joy that comes from embracing you and your life that you are weaving every day. Your steps turn to skips and jumps, and there may even be a tumble or two as you experience more and more love flowing freely throughout your mind, body and soul.

You stop, momentarily, just for a second. You shield your eyes from the light that is exploding gently all around you. “Where does it comes from, you say to yourself”.  And a voice pipes up, ” from you my blessed child. From you. You are a star that shines so bright and illuminates your world”

Then it comes to you. It all makes sense. Your thoughts are transfixed on the ONE thought. The thought of ONE.  “I am one. I am one with everyone”. I AM!”

 You have taught yourself well!!!

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