Finding Balance in my Love Life and Career

Are you successful in your career but struggle finding balance and harmony between your love life and work life?

Many successful women find the amount of time and energy spent being successful at work is inordinate compared to the amount of energy and time spent on personal relationships.

They may even feel that choosing one over the other is a necessary sacrifice to ‘get ahead’ and truly believe you can’t have both.

If you look around you – where there are successful women – isn’t this what happens?

Is this what you see?

suits_cast_jessicaLet’s take Jessica Pearson on Suits as an example.

If you have never heard of Suits, she’s a character who’s at the very top of her New York Law Firm, but struggles to have or maintain healthy personal relationships without work getting in the way.

Ok, this is just a character in a story on TV – but isn’t that the point? If you’re in that position, her character is very relate-able.

But what if I told you that there needn’t be a trade-off between the health of your career and the health of your personal relationships?

That having success in one doesn’t exclude success and harmony in the other?

And that the only thing that truly needs to change is your relationship with yourself, and how you accept and open yourself to the possibility that you are allowed to have success in both.

In fact, not only are you allowed to have success in both, but that’s what you deserve, and what the universe is waiting to give you. And all without an emotional conflict between the two.

I know that may sound cheesy, but I know from personal experience.

Sometimes you just need to re-write the playbook.


don't confuse having a career with having a life . (1)

Before I met Sandy Hounsell, I thought you just couldn’t have both working really well.

In this blog I explain how she helped me learn to have healthy relationships at work and at home. And not just in theory – at a deep soul level.

My attitude and thoughts are changed forever and I will always be grateful for the opportunity to have met and worked with her.

I am pleased to say that while I’m human and full of imperfections, I now have a better balance now between the two without emotional conflict or sacrifices in either area. This leaves me to lead a more fulfilling, joyful life.

How I came to meet Sandy

My background was as a Corporate, international career woman with a job that involved plenty of travel, working hard and playing hard.

I was defined by my work.

I worked primarily with men, and the few senior women or women leaders whom I did work with were either single or in dysfunctional relationships (at their own admission).

The men at senior levels and in high leadership positions were all married. Most with children. They had wives who stayed at home and looked after their children and home life.

In contrast, the senior women with families were few and far between. Those that did have them, were the organisers of everything. When you’d see their youngsters at the office Christmas bbq lunch, they would usually be clinging to their mothers skirts like their life depended on it because they never saw them.

Jessica at Jeff Malones door asking for relationship suits

Jessica only pursues a relationship when she has left her leadership position at her Law Firm

So it is no surprise, that both my personal life and experiences; what I saw around me; and where I was in my own life validated and re-inforced my beliefs – that there was no way you could have both in a healthy way.

When I wasn’t single, I was desperately trying to be someone else’s version of the ‘perfect girlfriend’. Nigella Lawson’s ‘How to be a Domestic Goddess’ has a lot to answer for.

Ultimately, this wasn’t me and my relationships would fizzle out when I had to travel so much with work; or couldn’t maintain the Domestic Goddess persona that I thought my partner wanted.

This feeling that you could only be successful at work OR successful in your relationships was also perpetuated by what I would experience at work and see and hear on TV.

It is one of the reasons I looked up at the female leaders in my company and decided to leave, because I didn’t want to be like that. ‘Lean in?’ I’d think to myself? Look up! Is that where my life is heading? Is that what I truly want?

How I found  Balance in my Love Life and Career

Business woman workingSo what was I to do?

I actually didn’t have a clue, so I went to see Sandy.

I had heard about her through a business networking group. Many women she had helped with their personal relationships, work relationships and careers highly recommended her.

When I started sessions with her, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

What I soon realised, was that she was healing some deep-rooted beliefs in my system about the status quo; and what ultimately ended up being about my relationship with my self.

I learned that what was showing up in my life was not just circumstance; but the result of thought patterns and feelings that were going on inside my own head.

I had always heard the saying

‘As within, so without’

which refers to the world outside reflecting the world within your own mind; and let’s face it – we’ve all heard of ‘The Secret’.

However it wasn’t until I started working with Sandy that I truly understood the connection between what was going on in my mind & body; and what was happening in my life.

With her help, I discovered the power within me to heal negatively stored emotions, beliefs and feelings; and turn them into something powerful, positive, and real. I used newly found tools she has given me to create the life, career and relationships I actually want.

I can’t recommend Sandy highly enough. If you relate to anything here, you are sure to benefit from her incredible services.

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Is it time to get your life back for good?

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