Being True To Ourselves – Creating A Health y Mind

All starts with honest reflection of our true thoughts, no matter what they are or where they came from.

The act of honest reflection is an extremely important practice because, as it helps in the healing our minds and emotions. Acknowledgment and truthfulness, not fooling our self or denying our feelings cannot be underestimated. It is a crucial piece of the process of self transformation.

It is when we ignore how we truly feel about something or someone that nothing changes and things have a habit of getting worse. We end up locking our self and others in a position where we cannot move to bring about healing of a situation or our circumstances. The more honest we are with our self and our feelings, the clearer our minds will become clearing away the debris and blocks where we can begin to establish a loving relationship with our self. By taking stock of our inner most thoughts we begin to commence a relationship with our self. This is the most important relationship that we can have. But a relationship with our self that is bounded in negativity is self-destructive and will keep us apart from our intrinsic loving nature. So best iron out the creases and empty the emotional toxic waste and come clean.

If we ignore or deny how we feel about our life, our self, other people, or our life’s situations, we cannot completely heal. We deny our self the opportunity to feel integrated, whole and complete and learn to be forgiving of our self and others in our life. What we don’t see cannot be recognised and so cannot heal. Whether we consciously or our unconsciously decide not to take a peek within, it doesn’t matter. Identification of our issues and thoughts enables the Soul to begin the process of Soul integration of our human mind and emotions. As the door of our mind creaks ajar, our Soul peeps in and makes its presence known.

The process of acknowledgement…

starts the journey to the exquisite experience of self-love; where once again we can afford to be child-like in our trust of Source knowing and believing whole heartedly that all of our needs are provided for unconditionally.

When we take an honest look on what is going on inside of ourselves; the real reason that we are not smiling inside, we put ourself in a much healthier position in more ways than one. The act of looking is creating an avenue for change whereby we actually open a door that is possible to walk through. Even when we may feel uncomfortable analysing our feelings, the fact that we are wanting to recognise our truth, we are carving out the basis for change. In that instance we have been prepared to look beyond our normal perceived horizon.

It’s when we ignore our feelings, nothing changes; things have a habit of getting worse.

When we search for answers to assist in our own growth and happiness we are supported by our higher wisdom. Help appears from many different places.

The more honest we are with our self and our feelings, we see more clearly, because we are connecting to our truth. This then connects us more to our inner authentic self. It is here deep inside that we find the strength and courage to assist us in our chosen course of action. Never believe that nothing can change, there is always a way forward.


Every time we journal our thoughts and feelings, we create space in our mind and emotions that enables more positive, loving thoughts to take up residence.  Think of it as like tidying up a cupboard that’s become really messy over time. And now instead of storing, holding onto, those old thoughts where they just add to the inner confusion, you are creating opportunity for action to change and practice new thoughts that are self loving, empowering and positive.

I don’t know about you but I always feel good when I tidy up a cupboard that has become messy, and get to discard stuff that’s been lying around for a long time that I have been holding onto out of habit or because of ……”just in case”.

Get in touch with Sandy today if you are ready and committed to having:-

  •   Complete balance and harmony in your love life and your professional life.
  •   Emotional Freedom to feel at peace, calm and in control embracing who you are.
  •   Claiming and owning your personal power and;
  •   Believing and trusting in a future  where you feel unlimited in what you can achieve. 

Sandy Hounsell  is on a mission to  help ambitious women achieve true balance and harmony in their professional life and love life.

I am passionate about helping women embrace their  uniqueness, claim their personal power, enjoy a future of unlimited success through emotional freedom and connection to their core self, their soul.

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