Our beliefs can be formed at a very early stage in our life, in our mother’s womb. These are
in addition to inherited genetic belief patterns.

We may, for example, feel unsafe due to many arguments and shouting taking place between our parents. Or we may develop feelings of fear or anger which are being experienced by our mother and which we absorb on a daily basis. Unresolved trauma still stored in our mother’s subconscious mind and hence the cells in her body, also have an effect upon our overall wellbeing.

We may feel insecure or unsupported if our mother is worrying how she will feed us and take adequate care of us. We may lack trust if there is a lack of trust and suspicion between our parents. We may feel abandoned if we are unwanted.

If our birth was difficult we can carry the trauma of that experience which may teach us to be fearful of life in general. It may develop into habits of control to ensure that we continually feel safe and secure.

Of course the opposite is also true. Where a mother continually reassures her unborn child by always letting her baby know that he/she is really wanted, then her child can feel safe and look forward to coming into the world.

Effects of our beliefs



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