Are you blocking the flow of money?

Are you unconsciously blocking the flow of money?  Money has been around in one form or another for a very, very long time and you would think that by now that we would have developed an understanding of what it money really means and what it truly represents. You would think we would no longer be blinded by the fears and doubts that we have embraced and planted deep within our subconscious mind and held onto in our DNA. After all, we have had hundreds of years to get know money.

But so many of us who have been taught to believe that money means trouble … BIG trouble on so many fronts. And we have embraced those fearful beliefs wholeheartedly.  We believe that we have to work hard for money; that we have to struggle and be ever so thankful for meagre handouts that barely pay the bills. Many of us live our lives on the merry go round of having and then being without, or living from week to week – barely getting by. This constant yo-yo naturally strengthens those beliefs and so nothing changes. The Law of Attraction says that what we put out, we attract back. So what we believe we simply create. Does that sound like you?

Negative money beliefs in our minds

We have many negative beliefs installed in our mind – some buried deep down with long, strong roots that take a lot of effort in dislodging so we can pull them out. Like scarcity beliefs that stifle our creativity and which constantly reinforce our inability to attract money into our lives and fill our empty coffers.

Money has taken over and swamped our minds with fear and lack.

We spend our lives making money in order to survive, and it literally rules our lives, whether we believe or not … and all to our detriment. Fear is not healthy on any level, neither are the beliefs that we, as individuals and as a collective human consciousness, have around money.

Why are we afraid of money?

blocking the flow of moneyYou only have to look back down the halls of history to see why we are so afraid of money and the beliefs that have sprung up around a gift that the Universe has brought us that can improve our lives. Money is not evil or something to be afraid of. It is part of life, a necessity; no different to the food that we need to nourish ourselves, or the air to breathe.

Many people are wealthy and have no fears around having to ‘make do’ or ‘go without’ or compromise between the children’s new shoes or that weekend away that we keep promising ourselves. But thank God for wealthy people, who demonstrate to us that we can be rich, and that money is fun and to be enjoyed; and not looked upon as something that is evil and which denies us many pleasures in life.

I know you hear that the Universe is abundant and that we are all entitled to be abundantly wealthy. We ask for money to show up and we pray that money will come along, so we can pay our bills at the end of the month; and sometimes it doesn’t happen. Money does not transpire. Or does it, and we just don’t see it? Maybe our beliefs are stopping us from seeing the opportunities that are ever present.

Money is not an ogre. It is a living, breathing energy, just like everything else that exists in our man made world; and which we have deemed is an absolute necessary component of our day-to- day living. We have turned money into something to be afraid of. It is mankind that has created this monster called money. So whatever we have created through falsehood, can be demolished making space available to rebuild on trust and understanding. This is true in any relationship.

So isn’t it about time we ditch this villain and rebuild our relationship with money based on trust and respect?

Is it time to get your life back for good?

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