Negative Thoughts Stifle Love

Negative thoughts stifle love: In this blog I talk about how our negative fear based thoughts stifle our opportunity to experience the  truly magical essence of the vibrant energy of love. Love of our Self is diminished, keeping our sense of self worth at a low. When...

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Finding Balance in my Love Life and Career

Finding Balance in my Love Life and Career Are you successful in your career but struggle finding balance and harmony between your love life and work life? Many successful women find the amount of time and energy spent being successful at work is inordinate compared...

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Why It’s Important To Heal Our Feelings

Why it's important to heal our feelings Sometimes in life, difficult circumstances and events can seem to just keep happening, over and over again   You might even think that you’ve analysed ‘why’ these things happen; and put steps in place to stop them happening...

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How I Broke Free From Anxiety

I was 12 years old when I first recognised anxiety. I woke up one morning and it felt like a lightning bolt went through my body and feelings of complete loss followed. I had been brought up in a close family with three brothers, 2 older than myself and my closest...

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Three Tips On How To Deal With Anxiety

Identify what was happening at the time you felt anxious. “When a person’s anxious, their thoughts are all over the place and their emotions are running the show. The more structured the mind can become; the better able we are to unravel our thoughts from our...

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About Sandy Hounsell

As a Healer, Mentor and Hypnotherapist I help men and women be calm confident, joyful and in control. I am passionate about helping people live a life without fear and without limitations, so you live the life you have always dreamed about. Read More >

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