Three Tips On How To Deal With Anxiety

Identify what was happening at the time you felt anxious. “When a person’s anxious, their thoughts are all over the place and their emotions are running the show. The more structured the mind can become; the better able we are to unravel our thoughts from our...

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Why Do I Feel Part Of Me Is Missing?

Part of me is missing: In this blog I cover what it feels like when part of you is missing and why you feel this way. I also give an example of a client who had this feeling and how I helped her feel whole again to live a life of joy and meaning  At the end of the...

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Where am I going and how do I get there?

Where am I going and how do I get there? Where am I going? Are you happy with where your life is right now? In this blog I ask a series of questions to help you think deeply about the relationship between where you are going in your life; and where you want to be...

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Our Emotions Act As Our Internal GPS

Emotions as our internal GPS Emotions as our internal GPS: Do you feel like your emotions sometimes get in your way? Not sure exactly why you have an emotional reaction and what to do about it? Do you feel anxious but not sure why? Perhaps you’ve decided it’s just how...

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Does it feel like you are lost in a maze?

Do you feel like you are lost in a maze? Lost in a maze: You might liken your life as a human to being as a maze in which you have been dropped right in the centre with no map to find your way out. You may be feeling lost and incapable of breaking through the walls...

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How to remain calm in the midst of turmoil

How to remain calm in the midst of turmoil How to remain calm in the midst of turmoil: This is a much longer blog than normal so maybe pour yourself a cup of tea before you commence reading. I still have kept it fairly short , although it may not look like it...the...

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Who am I?

So Who am I? Who am I? In your human form you’re who you are right now. You are the human being through which your soul has chosen to experience itself.  But for me first and foremost were are of soul. Our Soul came first and the human form acts as an overcoat that...

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Are you blocking the flow of money?

Are you blocking the flow of money? Are you unconsciously blocking the flow of money?  Money has been around in one form or another for a very, very long time and you would think that by now that we would have developed an understanding of what it money really means...

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Why Am I Always Angry?

Why am I always feeling angry?   Well because something is not right within you. There is a misalignment somewhere between your thoughts and your emotions. Some emotional wound is buried deep inside your nervous system which erupts from time to time triggered by an...

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As a Healer, Mentor and Hypnotherapist I help men and women be calm confident, joyful and in control. I am passionate about helping people live a life without fear and without limitations, so you live the life you have always dreamed about. Read More >

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