Sometimes, life feels like it is getting out of control and you just don’t know which way to turn, and you may become fearful of making the wrong decisions. When I find myself in these situations, I just sit back, and surrender to my highest wisdom …. my Soul. I then ask my Soul to advise me as to why I am creating this situation – what is it that I am wanting to learn about myself? By doing this, I detach from any potential outcomes that may be created from my unconscious thoughts and behaviours which will serve no one, and I place myself in a position whereby I am open to accepting the wisdom as a gift, which brings the situation to a loving close.


Surrendering is not about giving up or allowing another to walk all over you.  It is about giving up the struggle and not allowing negative reactions to take over.  It is also about you allowing the higher wisdom of your Soul to guide you in actions that will benefit everyone involved.  This opens your heart and teaches you to trust in yourself; in who you are.  As you open your heart to love, you invite beautiful things to transpire. Feelings of calm for example, replace inner turmoil.  Feeling strong, replaces doubt and fear.  Doors open whereby magical outcomes replace those that you maybe fearing the most.


To surrender takes courage the first few times around.  But the more you consciously choose to surrender – the more it becomes a wonderful new habit. After a while, you will find yourself seeing situations that once unnerved you, as a gift that you now welcome because you accept that it is happening for a reason.  So instead of running away, blaming others, feeling sorry for yourself, or just getting angry, you look for the wisdom – thus turning the situation around to serve your personal growth and strengthening your sense of purpose and self-identity.  Those around you, who are also involved, receive the benefit of your self-loving actions.  We all know that love speaks louder than words.  We are all of Soul and we are all drawn to love and we all intrinsically know the healing power of love and the magic that it produces in our collective lives.


To take steps in learning the power of surrender when a situation arises in your life that is unsettling, be aware of what it is that you are feeling about the particular situation, connect to those feelings, asking yourself –

Why is this situation happening?

What part am I playing in this?

What do I want to learn or grow from? (look for the nugget of wisdom on offer)

What is the worst thing that could happen if I did surrender this situation to my highest source?


Surrender is a positive act that enhances your wisdom and self-belief. Trust in who you are. Become strong by allowing your highest source to guide you along your path in life and you will experience that deep inner feeling and knowing that “I am ok.  It’s all ok.”



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