We can all be of help to our world and our self by speaking our  truth – without any embellishment.  When we do, in that precise moment of truth we are at one with the universal heart and mind of all Creation;

  • In that precise moment we open yet another door where light may enter;
  • In that precise moment we create within a sense of freedom;
  • I that precise moment we detach from fear ;
  • In that precise moment we create an avenue for loving change;

From the humble begining of change, every ripple, no matter how small has an amazing effect. The ripple grows wider and wider and becomes far reaching as each one of us speaks our truth.

In fact that ripple is an infinite wave that grows stronger and stronger the wider it becomes. It does not weaken as we spread it around our globe giving it opportunity to touch other minds.

As those minds begin to open to that loving influence of truth, so we become united in our sense of oneness. We grow together. Hand in hand, glowing from within as we embody the truth of love without condition. As we embody the uniqueness of who we re and celebrate our  truth.

What a beautiful image to start the day with.  Embracing each other and being filled to the brim with the love of Source.

Why on earth would we choose to be any other way?


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