Conscious Choice


Our way of life and our outlook on our life is governed in large, by our belief systems. When we make a conscious decision in what we choose to believe our life pretty much travels that way that we intend. We are in the driving seat. consciously aware of our thoughts and our behaviours. This state of healthy thinking, enables us to make further conscious decisions to change our beliefs at any time.

Unconscious Choice

But when we have many beliefs tucked away in the recess of our subconscious mind, unbeknown to our conscious mind, then our life can become out of our control. We can end up going in directions in which we have no real desire to travel. Clearing those unconscious beliefs and habits can be difficult, especially where a traumatic experience has created the belief in the first place. Subsequent actions and behaviours on our part continue to anchor that initial belief further and further down into our subconscious mind, where we then well and truly believe in that particular belief. It becomes our truth. Beliefs that become our truth, our way of life, formed from traumatic experiences, which is very different for each individual, rule our life in many instances. We can and often do, feel totally out of control.

Unconscious Reaction

When negative beliefs and insecurities are deep rooted in this way we unconsciously act them out all the time, in our relationships, our work. In fact any area of our life. We come to believe and identify with a false image of who we are. Instead of being our true self and coming from a place of self belief and self love, we continually re-act to others and to situations. We blame others. We judge. We criticise. We control. We unconsciously feel that re-acting this way helps us in some way to feel safer. But the opposite is true. We are actually out of control. Our emotions and unconscious belief patterns, our ego, is running our life. We are definitely not in charge directing our life along a chosen path that is based upon happiness, success, joy and well-being. So many of our relationships are dysfunctional, because we are all living from a created false image of self. Origins of our beliefs.

Imagine, for a moment, a jigsaw puzzle, complete and perfect. All pieces of the puzzle are seamlessly interlocked, creating a wonderful picture of oneness, page and calm. The jigsaw puzzle, in this analogy represents the way we ‘look and feel’  when we come into the world. Through our life’s experiences, pieces of the jigsaw can and do start to separate. The depth of the rift between the pieces is determined by the impact of our individual experiences. Very traumatic situations can cause the pieces to scatter far and wide. When the jigsaw (us) is fractured, the effects can start to feel overwhelming causing even more fracture to occur. Eventually the pieces of the jigsaw can become completely separated. In this particular instance, deep depression and anxiety can set in. And then we can feel that we have lost all sense of self. We feel scattered, out of control. We feel lost.

Thoughts Are Energy

Where beliefs have been taken on through a traumatic experience, deep wounding can occur. Our emotional body absorbs the energy from that wounding. Now, not only do we have a deep rooted, hidden belief, but our physical body is also holding onto the emotional trauma. The cells in our physical body receive and also absorb that energy, that message of fear. Cells talk to cells, otherwise our organs wouldn’t function and those messages fuelled by fear are also transmitted around our body. The new beliefs, perpetuated by our actions and reactions, only compound the issue further. Negative thoughts then, set up energy blocks. They disable our cellular system, inhibiting it to work at its optimum level. Our cells become overloaded and distressed, leading to ill-health.

Out internal systems now have to expend more energy in dealing with the additional emotional distress. The physical body feels heavy, tired and listless. We are literally weighed down by our own negative, fearful thinking.

Thankfully we can do something about it. We no longer have to carry this internal toxic waste in our emotions or our physical bodies.  By connecting with our soul and healing through our soul we can transmute these thoughts and habits, leading to a healthier mind and healthier body. Healthy mind, healthy body creates a much more fulfilling life of our choosing.

We create our world from our thoughts!

What do you choose to create?



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