Emotions act as our internal GPS

Emotions act as our internal GPS: Do you feel like your emotions sometimes get in your way?

Not sure exactly why you have an emotional reaction and what to do about it? Do you feel anxious but not sure why?

Perhaps you’ve decided it’s just how you’re made up – your friends and family know you as a worrier; and you yourself have come to accept this as the status quo.

But have you ever considered the true reason you experience these emotions?

And how to use them in your favour?

In this article, I look at how your emotions act as your internal GPS system, what they’re telling you, and how to navigate your way through.

Emotions as our internal messaging system

Our emotions are a signpost to messages from our body letting us know that not all is right within.

Too often though when we receive these messages we ignore them, rationalise our feelings, tell ourselves a story and bury them even deeper.

That anxious, uneasy feeling that sits in the pit of your stomach that you seem to carry around with you wherever you go causing you to doubt, or feel that your life is out of control, where you may be trying to control everything that happens in order to feel safe, are the result of some emotional unease that has more likely been around for sometime and whose roots lie anchored in your subconscious and nervous system.

Why you might feel anxious or worried

Emotions as internal GPSWhen you find yourself feeling anxious or fearful and wondering why,  it’s because a part of you is not feeling safe and your emotions are telling you precisely that.

The reason, the root cause, of  your emotional response is trapped/buried in your nervous system and in your cellular memory causing the reaction.

The response that is triggered within you may be quite foreign to you leaving you wondering “what on earth is that?”; ” where did that come from?”. Or it may be a very familiar feeling that you have experienced before in similar situations.

Whatever you experience, when we react feeling uncomfortable or fearful and our thoughts start racing fearing the worst or thinking negative thoughts, our emotional GPS is telling us that it is time to heal and allow ourselves to let go of these internal blockages.

Healing your internal worry-o-meter

I have learnt through working with my soul and the souls of those I help, that when the emotional root cause is healed, not only is the originating trauma dissolved, but negative beliefs and behaviours, which have been created as a result, are also dissolved and changed for the better.

The healing untangles the roots of the emotional unease. They wither and die allowing your soul to flow back in,

With your soul now in charge, this cements a new foundation at the very core of your being based on our true value as a human being. This enables you to form a wonderful new relationship with yourself and with your feelings.

By doing this, you are no longer afraid of your feelings, but instead feel at peace, whole and joyful, believing in your self and your future.

An example

The formation of emotions that negatively affect our belief system life patterns

emotions as gps - how negatively affects nervous systemWhen a child experiences a fearful situation like mum and dad arguing over money because the bills are mounting up, listening to their accusations of ruining their respective lives, hurling insults; and seeing one or both parents physically lash out at one another, that child would be extremely afraid.

He/she would be scared of what was going to happen and run away to hide, and try to block out the noise.

In the initial moment of shock when the child realises what is happening, all their senses would be on alert.

They experience the desire to run away; as well as feeling rooted to the spot, frozen in fear, scared of what to do next in case what might happen to them.

The energy being exchanged between the parents will also deeply affect the child.

In fact it’s the energy that does the most damage. Children up to the age of seven are like sponges;  soaking up everything and believing what they see, feel and hear to be true.

How the energy affects our emotions and nervous system

The energy has a huge impact on our senses, our emotions and our nervous system. It causes an overload resulting in fear being sewn deeply in our mind and in our body.

In this scenario the child would form certain beliefs around money, love and relationships.

In the case of money  for example, the child would believe money is dangerous; it causes fights and arguments; that its not safe  to talk about money, or even ask for money. To them, they’ve learned money creates anger and resentment. And if arguments about money were a common occurrence many other fearful money beliefs may be formed.

How the energy affects our life patterns

The child could also come to believe that it is their fault mum and dad are fighting. And  if they weren’t around money wouldn’t be a problem. This child would grow up believing these things to be true and act accordingly,  maybe never trusting money or being able to form a healthy relationship with money.

Later on in life  this child now an adult comes to pay a bill of their own experiencing acute anxiety or finding themselves constantly worrying about money and telling themselves they will never have enough.

This is how our internal GPS system highlights that we have unresolved fears lurking inside that need our loving attention, which is actually a healthy thing. Otherwise how else would we know that some internal healing was required? 

The Formation of Emotions in our Nervous System

When we experience shock we have no ability to understand let alone manage our feelings or the millions of thoughts that race through our mind .

Our nervous system registers the shock and everything we hear, see or feel is also anchored into our cellular memory until it is healed and unlearnt.

That’s why years later on, a simple disagreement over money with our partner can make us feel anxious or even afraid they may get angry, start shouting and accuse us of wasting money.

We will also experience physical sensations like tightness in the chest, dry throat, weakness in the legs, palpitations, with thoughts racing through our mind thinking the worst is going to  happen, as our nervous system relives that early trauma.

How to heal these emotions

how to heal emotionsNow this may sound like a very difficult issue to heal as some people have experienced deep emotional wounding and trauma in their life. Some may feel that it is a scary journey to take to heal the inner distress, thinking they will have to relive those earlier experiences.

This is not the case and is not necessary. The soul has no intention of creating more pain.

Quite the opposite.

When healing with the soul the traumas are very gently dissolved allowing those scared broken parts of ourselves to re-integrate creating a sense of wholeness, inner peace and calm.

Soul healing forms a bridge that we can lovingly walk across to reconnect with all parts of ourselves and  become a whole self once again, even when we have no memory of ever feeling whole.

The soul gives us the undeniable feeling and knowing of peace, joy, contentment; a belief in who we are and in the future that we can create.

So next time you experience an emotional reaction no matter how mild, tune in your internal GPS system and observe where it is guiding you to look. Then you can start your own inner healing to become free of all emotional roadblocks and limiting beliefs that keep you from a life of joy, and where struggle is a thing of the past and remains there, no longer affecting your wellbeing or your intended outcomes.

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