Do you feel like you are lost in a maze?

Lost in a maze: You might liken your life as a human to being as a maze in which you have been dropped right in the centre with no map to find your way out.

You may be feeling lost and incapable of breaking through the walls that have you hemmed in, thwarting your every move where you find yourself right back where you started.

I know how you feel.

Life can definitely have us feeling like we are going around in circles, never making real progress.

The entrance to which we aspire to get to, in order to find our freedom, seems impossible to reach.

You may have caught glimpses of it at  times, or even stood right in front of the entrance door though which you could easily walk; but felt you didn’t have the  tools or know how to scale the walls that constantly roll around in the wind, blocking out your view of the door.

How do I get out of the maze?

But we do have the know how to navigate our way out.

We all have an inbuilt guidance system that never, ever lets us down.

It will always guide us along the safest, most easily navigated route if we are willing to listen.

We need to allow ourselves to be guided by a higher wisdom than our immediate conscious mind, where we spend such inordinate amounts of time and waste so much of our precious energy.

The guidance system of which I speak is our Soul.

Your Map

Where am I going and how do i get thereThe Soul has the map and all the tools that we could possibly require to walk along the ‘path of ease’ and never get trapped.

I call it the ‘path of ease’ because that’s exactly what life becomes when we follow our very own unique and innate wisdom of our Soul.

This path is more easily traversed because there is much less distraction making it harder to get ourselves lost or stumble and fall.

In order to find this path takes some practice and getting used to.

How do I find the path and stop being lost in a maze?

It requires us to listen to a voice other than our own conscious babble.

It’s a voice that takes our subconscious fears into consideration when it gently and reassuringly coaxes us out of the maze that we have built around ourselves.

It does not expect or demand us to just take a massive leap over all the walls, or unnecessary risks that are harmful tour wellbeing.

You must daily sit and meditate. Take deep breaths and ground yourself.

Ask to be shown the path you were born to traverse – the path that leads to endless joy and happiness that is unique to you.

If you practice consistently, it won’t take long for you to hear this voice. Perhaps it will start with a whisper. But quieten your conscious babble and mind chatter, and you will realise it has been sitting there all along – waiting until you are ready to hear it.

After following your Soul’s guidance for a while, you will be surprised at what leaps you are eager to take that will move you forward.

Overtime the path simply gets easier and smoother.

Our life then delivers even more that we can ever imagine.

By listening to your soul, you are consciously making a very empowering decision.

One of the most powerful decisions ever. Because you are actually putting yourself in the driving seat and becoming a co-creator of your life, where you get to decide your outcomes.

Now you can choose not to listen, and let you mind chatter and limiting beliefs keep you in the maze. Keep you stumbling and falling over the many obstacles in your way; Or you listen to your inner Soul and the path it is leading you on, and live the life of your dreams.

Up to you.

How do I know if it’s working?

Lost in a maze - how to get outThe sure sign of the subconscious mind taking over is when you are navigating your way to the entrance of the maze and a fear or doubt jumps in which diverts you down another avenue.

Again its your choice, albeit one driven by your subconscious mind.

However you may find yourself at a dead end, feeling hemmed in unable to turn around as the path has narrowed to what feels and look a like, just a crevice. Leaving you little or no space in which to turn around. Stuck, alone and feeling frustrated or ‘hard done by,’ you also come to realise the walls of the maze are too high to climb over and are completely blocking your path.

You know you could climb up and possibly clamber over the walls but fear stops you from taking that risk, The risk, just like the maze walls, feels too high and you are not willing to take that leap of faith in which you may find yourself victorious.

So you remain in the maze waiting and hoping someone will come along, take your hand and lead you out. Even waiting and hoping someone takes you to a place where you feel safe enough to continue stumbling through the maze hoping that you will be rescued.

Now that deadend you experienced, plus all the twists and turns you make as you traverse the maze of life can be looked on as downright annoying, painful hindrances, ones that you really don’t deserve.

You may feel extremely angry at times that you are in this damn maze.

Angry at those you hold responsible for your current predicament.

You might feel angry and disappointed with God, your parents, your boss, your siblings and yourself.

Regardless of how you feel, and how much you want to heap blame on others, you can choose to either let these emotions restrict your movement and your progress, or you can take a different view and see the maze as an opportunity to build your life skills, your trust, your belief and your faith in yourself and the guiding love of your soul.

In other words you can let your subconscious fears and reactive behaviour hold you prisoner or you can seek the key to the door by aligning yourself with the most powerful, loving part of you, your inner core, your Soul.

You may find it hard at first to conceive that there is possibly someone more powerful than your human self /ego and that you have this incredible other part of you more powerful than you can currently imagine. More powerful than your subconscious.

But what’s there to lose when you hand over the reins to an unconditionally loving, non-judgmental, higher part of yourself?

Our Soul is a beautiful intricate woven pattern of many dimensions  ….  more on that another time

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