Financial or Business StressFinancial or business stress

Financial or Business Stress: Do you find yourself in a stressful situation around business or money? Feel ‘stuck’ in a place you just are not sure how to move forward from?

At some point in their lives, many people feel stressed or anxious about their business or money situation.   You may be experiencing a block of money in your life; or just unsure how to move forward with your career. You may also find that you are stuck in the same situation at work and are not sure how to move forward.

These anxious feelings can generate high levels of stress, loneliness, anger, or sadness in our lives.

Healing the Root Causes of Financial or Business Stress

Sandy Hounsell specialises in healing anxiety around financial or business stress. She has a proven technique to identify the root causes of the anxiety or stress; and resolve these – forever. She leaves her clients feeling a greater sense of peace, joy and happiness to live the life they have always dreamed of. Many feel they can finally move on with the career of their dreams; or suddenly able to effortlessly and easily have money flow into their lives.

If you are unsure where to go next, and would like some expert advice, contact Sandy today, or see below for blogs and useful resources to help with any financial or business stress you may be experiencing.

Is it time to get your Career or Finances Back on Track?

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“How to overcome stress before stress overcomes you”

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Helpful Blogs for Financial or Business Anxiety

Are you blocking the flow of money?

Are you blocking the flow of money? Are you unconsciously blocking the flow of money?  Money has been around in one form or another for a very, very long time and you would think that by now that we would have developed an understanding of what it money really means...

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Setting Yourself Up for Success this year

Setting yourself up for Success Setting yourself up for success: Are you ready for this year to be the best year ever? Have you spent time and inner reflection on what it is you really want for yourself? What do you want to happen, to change?   What do you not want in...

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Seven Steps for Getting It Done!

7 Steps for getting it done 7 Steps for getting it done: Have you noticed that when you procrastinate for extended periods of time you begin to engage in negative self-talk? This is a sure way to deflate your confidence. If you are like most people, you have been...

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Three Small Steps for Big Wins

Three Small Steps for Big Wins Small steps for big wins: Have you ever noticed that when your confidence is low, you downplay your strengths and focus on perceived flaws? Or, that when you feel small, you act small, or not at all? When this happens your self-esteem...

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How to identify my Negative Beliefs About Money

How to identify my negative beliefs about money Negative beliefs about money: So what are your beliefs about money?  Good and bad? In this blog we look at 3 steps to stepping back and understanding your relationship with money, and how your mental attitude is towards...

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Styles Of Conflict Resolution

Styles of Conflict Resolution Do you understand your approach to conflict resolution and why this matters? When conflict arises in life, most of us see this as something to overcome, or to get through. However by better understanding why conflict arises, and our...

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Moving from Doubt to Get It Done

Moving from doubt to get it done Moving from doubt to get it done: People who get things done don't let anxiety and worry hold them back. They are too busy moving forward to get sidetracked by doubt. They approach new opportunities with a perspective of hope and...

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What our clients have to say:
“My life has improved 500%. I have moved into a new Unit in Surfers Paradise opposite the ocean. I find money comes to me so much more easily now and I am making the right decisions.”

Pam, Gold Coast

“Last week I had a deeply healing session with the ever beautiful Sandy Tashi Hounsell. What she did for me (and my business) was truly miraculous.

Sandy quickly uncovered what was REALLY making me feel anxious, overwhelmed, and tied down in my business and then healed it! What was holding me back in my business was also holding me back in almost every other area of my life — what she did was transform my life and I didn’t even notice it completely until a few days after the healing because I was so “busy” living this new me I had forgotten I ever had that stuff. (Side note: The new me has a lot more success in her business than the old me…cha-ching!)

On top of the healing she also helped me discover and understand how I produce best, work most efficiently, and stay inspired in my business, which is so so important for us coaches. Instead of running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off…I am a butterfly floating from one flower to the next gracefully and purposefully.

I recommend and will recommend her to anyone looking for a major breakthrough in their business or relationships- simply amazing.”

Thank you Sandy! I am forever grateful. ♥

J Mayers

“I am deeply grateful for the profound affect sandy has had on my life through her unconditionally loving work.

In changing careers from law to medicine, Sandy has been a constant source of light, healings, guidance and support to me through, at times painful periods of transformation along the path to accepting and understanding the truth beyond all suffering.

Sandy heals through her unconditionally loving presence and connection to Source. She has many healing gifts, from an ability to sense the healing work of greatest priority, to working with a range of deeply healing modalities to facilitate healing at the deepest level – the level of the soul.”

Mel Baldwin, Doctor, Gold Coast

About Sandy Hounsell

My speciality is turning your pain into power...

Since 2001 I have been helping transform women’s and men’s lives in healing the trauma experienced through abuse, by dissolving the root cause and the manifestation of those experiences like unhealthy relationships, anxiety, depression, self sabotaging behaviours, repetitive patterns that has disconnected you, from the Real You...Read More >

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