Are you Finding it Hard to Get out of your own Way?

Get out of you own way: Do you find sometimes the only thing blocking your success is you?

This can take the form of patterns, habits, or just your own fears getting in the way of you making changes and achieving the joy, happiness and success you know deep down you deserve.

In this blog we look at what is going on when you get in your own way of achieving these things.

A bigger soul living in a human’s body


get out of your own way - living in your human bodyToo often we identify with only our human Self and not the whole of Self, believing it to be the true and the only ‘thing’ that exists. We live our life through our human lenses which distorts our view of what is ‘real’ and what is ‘make believe’ or ‘false’; who we should be; who we are told to be; or persuaded to be. As opposed to who we really are.

We distance ourself from our true core running in the opposite direction letting our thoughts, beliefs, and fears convince us that this is how it is. That our world and our life is exactly how we have been conditioned and programmed to believe and sadly to expect.

If only we just stopped and took a great leap off of the rollercoaster and stood still, and felt the solid ground beneath our feet.

If we did this, we would immediately come to stillness and calm within our minds and our bodies would cease the incessant spinning that churns within us all when not all is well.

The constant motion of life; the numerous twists and turns where we ascend to great heights only to be suddenly dropped just as quick, if not more quickly, would begin to level out.

The ride would become smoother and easier so we can stay on longer and enjoy it more; easily maintaining balance, feeling ourselves flowing along in the direction of our choosing.

Now it’s not to say we still can’t enjoy the elevations and dizzy heights to which we aspire. Absolutely not. But the heights that we transcend would have us enjoying the most expansive, exciting and fulfilling view where we could simply remain aloft.  And no longer experience the sudden drop that has us screaming at the top of our lungs in fear of the unknown and what awaits us, tightening its grip and leaving us gasping for air.

How our Soul helps you Get out of your own Way


soul is realBy handing over our fears and doubts to our Soul, and letting that greater part of us be our guide.

Our Soul is real.

You and I are real.

Our Soul gives our life meaning and real purpose. It helps us feel really, really alive and so utterly worthwhile.

It is that part of us that is of Source.

It is love, unconditional love that totally embraces us without judgment.

Our human self is a part of our Soul through which it expresses Itself.

The divine lives in us; in every cell of our body; in every part of our mind.

We are an intrinsic part of our Soul. Our Soul is an intrinsic part of each one of us.

We are inseparable.

It’s who we are.

Our life, when we allow that powerful loving, greater part of who we are  to guide us; to heal our wounds; to release us of unnatural fears, suddenly makes total sense.

We feel like we have come home to a place of such calm and lasting inner peace.

It’s a stillness beyond words.

Our Soul opens the door which leads us out of chaos and control.

When your fears get in your own way


When your fears get in your own way of our soul or intuition, we continually bump into ourselves at every turn.

Like we won’t succeed.

Or that we are just not good enough and should give up trying to better our lives.

Our thoughts, our beliefs and habits continually have us banging our heads against the wall; or repeating the same old patterns

On the other hand, the voice of love and compassion that continually flows from our Soul enables each one of us to find our true Self and remain true to our Self.

It does not ask us to ignore our feelings regardless of how fearful they are, or bury emotions that fester creating illness and inner dysfunction and which we carry into our relationships where they cause problems and misunderstanding.

Our lives when out of balance and in disarray are filled with thoughts of doubt and distrust; or  blaming everyone else for our problems. Our beautiful Soul does not ask us to do anything take is harmful to our overall wellbeing. The Soul show us how to heal the most deepest inner dysfunction and traumas gently and lovingly enabling each one of us to climb out of the quagmire of doubt, ascend fears and heal our minds and our bodies. The Soul releases us from fear.

Are you fully connected to your Soul?


You can read about the soul in many religious texts.

But have you felt it?

Have you breathed with it?

Thought with it?

Have you talked to your Soul?

Do you listen to its continual loving guidance?

The greatest gift our Soul offers is a door that we can all open, which leads us on a path of limitless freedom without  struggle.

Is it time to connect with your Soul and get out of your own way? 

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