How to Focus with Intent to Create the Life of your Dreams

Focus with intent: Have you ever taken the time to reflect on the past 12 months and what you have achieved? Whether it is a new year or a new start you desire, the gift of life is that there is always an opportunity to change. By focusing with intent, and maintaining that focus, it’s possible to create the life of your dreams.

In this blog, we explore what ‘Intentional thinking’ really means, and why wishing or hoping is not enough. We look at how to focus with intent to improve your everyday life and achieve all you desire.

Why hoping, or creating a wish list is not enough

When you reflect on your past, you may have achieved most of what you set out to achieve.

Or you may be feeling that you have fallen short of what you wanted to create.
Have you ever wondered why outcomes that you hoped for did not transpire?
Did your past wishes translate into focused intentions or were they left hanging in mid air? Or did you just have a wish list and did nothing more than that?
That is because they were just that. They were a ‘hope’ or a ‘wish’, but not an intended outcome.
While hoping is in itself a positive feeling – a start of something better, it can also be ineffectual where doubt lingers in the background.
Hoping can mean that on some level we have doubts about an outcome, and are therefore leaving the outcome to chance. 
So instead of just hoping, or wishing, we need to go one step further and focus with intent on a positive result.
In this way we are charging our thoughts and prayers with positivity.
If you haven’t achieved what you desired in the past, do not be downhearted. The good news is that you have the opportunity to create change at any given moment.
If your intentions for the past ended up suspended in abeyance where you did not maintain focus and got distracted; then make a point of being more intentional this coming year or going forward.
Why not make a ‘letting go’ intention to dissolve distraction or lack of motivation, and add in an intention to be ‘more focused’.

How Setting Intentions creates a Fulfilling Life

Setting Intentions to create a more fulfilling life is much more positive and powerful than wishful thinking.
By setting intentions, you create a powerful energetic thread that just simply grows stronger and stronger the more you apply the intention with loving intent.
maintain focus with intentWhen you do this, even your thoughts become intentional.
You act with intent.
Your life outcomes are therefore ‘intended’.
The thread you create by setting intentions becomes charged with positivity and focus.
It starts to weave its magic.
It flows through the universal consciousness finding and creating avenues that lead to fruitful outcomes.
Your thoughts that are formed from this positive intent bring about results that are uplifting, inspiring and internally strengthening.
You become inspired to remain motivated and more determined to take ownership of all your thoughts and actions.
You are no longer content in allowing your subconscious reactions to control your life.
Idle chatter is replaced with power packed words, where love is created each time that you speak.
You find yourself thinking before you speak, now much more consciously aware of the effect that your words can have on others.
You find that you are also conserving your energy for positive outcomes only.
Ever wonder why outcomes that you hoped for did not transpire? That is because they were just that. They were a ‘hope’ instead on an intended outcome. Hoping is in itself a positive feeling. It is a start of something better, as in, not thinking the worst, which is negative. But hope can also be ineffectual where doubt lingers in the background. Hoping can mean that we have some level of doubt and leaving it to chance. So instead of just hoping, we can go one step further and focus with intent on a positive result. In this way we are charging our thoughts and prayers with positivity.

Intentional thinking is more powerful than wishful thinking

Thinking and focusing with intention is more powerful that wishing that a situation might alter for the better.

Wishing is leaving it to chance where the outcome is not driven by your positive intention. Wishing is not making use of our powerful mind to actually bring into reality all that we desire.

When we set intentions to create loving positive outcomes, results transpire more readily and easily.

Setting intentions and applying our self with intent builds a strong foundation within our self.

We more lovingly identify with our self.

In this process we are saying to the universe that we are important; and that we are deserving and worthy of the attention of the universe to gift to us what we are asking.

When we apply intent we are by default focusing our attention on our self and telling our self that we matter.

We end up developing a more close and trusting relationship with our self.

And that has got to be good for everyone in our life and for our world at large.

The more we come to know our true self, the more we realise our truth as well as our capacity to be unconditionally loving and helpful to others. We are also learning to trust and ultimately surrender to Source; knowing that we are provided for.

As we are, and as we become more focused, more “intending”, we enable the universe to answer our desires. No longer attached to ‘what if’s” or having doubt, we create a space in which the universe is more able to respond.

Our thoughts are no longer scattered and therefore we are not in ‘two minds’, where the universe has no real idea of what it is that we want.

Stop and think about what you truly want

To change your life and get back in control (no, not controlling), set the intent for what you want for your life.

Lose the confusion.

Walk away from distraction.

Bring back the focus on you.

Learn to trust in your self and hence Source, and become peaceful and content in the knowing of who you are.

Every moment of everyday we are self-creating.

From our actions, driven by our thoughts, we are literally rolling out our life in front of our selves.

We can either roll out the ‘thick red carpet’, which is easy and fun to walk on and which is also both comforting and supportive.

Or we can walk on a carpet that is threadbare, and hard, uncompromising and not conducive to long, pleasant meanderings.

So if your life is not working,


Think about it.

Think about what you really, truly want.

Write it down.

Present it to the Universal Source.

Focus on it with intent.

Then let it come to you.

Hold out your arms.

Grow your dreams and wishes into positive, tangible outcomes.

What it means to Apply Intentions

Applying intentions means:

  • positive outcomes;
  • being in the driver’s seat;
  • focus and motivation;
  • self awareness:
  • relationship with self

When we come from the true self, we come with love without condition.


Are you ready to be master of your destiny?

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