Treat yourself kindly even if you are in a situation where you may feel as if you have made a mistake. Instead ask yoursef what it is that you are learning from your current experience. Then take that wisdom and use it for your future endeavours and spiritual growth.

Why be harsh with yourself? What does that achieve? Think about how a child reacts when treated harshly and how their little hearts are broken by that act. Why do that to yourself? Much better to be kind and gentle and act encouragingly. So don’t be harsh on yourself. Be gentle. Love is the only thing that is creative and enables growth on any level.

Learning without love stumps our growth. It cripples and inhibits our ability to discover those wonderful parts of us that may never get to see the light of day.  Gentleness draws out the many talents that we are all endowed with. So learn your lessons with gentleness and allow the learning of your mistakes to both enrich your future learning and your life.

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