Once you have set down your intentions, no matter how long the list, spending time on each intention and aligning your heart and mind is the next step to ensuring that you are totally in sync with what you are asking.  Apply the following questions to each intention paying attention to what you are feeling and to may emotions that arise.  This will help you identify if you have any limiting beliefs that will block your intention from manifesting in the way that you desire. We always attract what we vibrate so better to be in a stronger more empowering position to unleash your full potential by changing any beliefs or fears that you find.

By revisiting each intention and getting crystal clear on each one you are naturally raising their vibration, to one of expected outcomes. In effect bringing your future to you. Taking an active part in your own destiny is exciting and empowering and brings your immediate world alive and gives it real meaning.

Draw up a table of 3 columns : Intention | Feeling/Emotion | Belief/Fear.

Sit quietly and meditate for a few minutes to bring your heart and mind together. Next write down for your first intention and imagine it as if you have it already.

Take emotion that you experience as you think about your intention, be it tension, excitement, doubt etc.

Capture any beliefs that either pop up automatically as you “feel the feeling” or come to mind when you reflect on the intention.  Take your time as you write down and spend time reflecting.

If you identify any fears or doubts about your worthiness, your deserving, or part of you just doesn’t believe it will happen, then there is some internal work to do in cleaning up those fears.  If you need help with then I invite you to book you free Anxiety Assessment Breakthrough so you may experience :-


  •   Complete balance and harmony in your love life and your professional life.
  •   Emotional Freedom to feel at peace, calm and in control embracing who you are.
  •   Claiming and owning your personal power and;
  •   Believing and trusting in a future  where you feel unlimited in what you can achieve.

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