Heal Anxiety Naturally: This blog discusses my personal journey with despair. This includes how it lead me to heal anxiety naturally, forever, for myself and for my clients.  I explain why I was in despair; how I overcame feelings of deep despair; and the wisdom I learned. The bottom of this blog page contains free resources you may find useful.

Why we are stuck in the depths of despair

When we are in the depths of despair, we often feel like we are stuck in a dark moment that we can’t get out of.  The fear, loneliness, or desperation we experience can lead to dark thoughts.

It may not be what you want to hear right now, but there is a reason why you are experiencing what you are going through.

“It may not be what you want to hear right now, but there is a reason why you are experiencing what you are going through.”

The deeper reason we are stuck in this place is because we are being shown missing part/s of our true selves that we have disconnected from.

Though it can feel very scary, lonely and frightening, we are actually at our strongest.

What I learned from my personal experience that I have been guided to share with you

Heal anxiety naturally - a journey into my soulI have been in this place a few times earlier in my life.  At the time, I considered checking out.

To deal with the despair and anxiety, I used to go deep down inside myself and connect with my soul. At the time, I called this God. It was a scary experience back then.

Each time I went deep down inside myself, I asked this inner strength to connect with me so I could work out why I had taken myself into such despair and desperation.

Sometimes I lost sight of the fact that I was looking for the learning and I ended up getting completely entangled in the despair and depression, which then gave rise to my thoughts on suicide.  I realised getting lost and entangled was actually my way of dragging out the painful experience, however the real me could end it at any time.

When I instead focused on the learning, I always received answers and insights that helped me climb back out again.

The process I followed was to ask, meditate, and focus on what I was seeking to understand. I focused on the gift I was offering myself and as I became aware of what that was, I realised that all I had to do was to say I’m ready to move on from this now, and the situation started to change very quickly.

This helped turn my thoughts into something more positive, and I began to unravel myself to find the true divine powerful being inside.

The wisdom I gained was invaluable for my own spiritual growth.  I have been using this wisdom to heal anxiety naturally with clients for 19 years. Clients who suffer depression and severe anxiety have been healed forever.

How you can heal anxiety naturally too

I got so much out of these experiences that I don’t need to take myself into them anymore and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I learned so much about the soul, mind and body road map.  Most of all I found myself. I was able to put all the broken, afraid parts back together again and put my real self back in place.

You can too….

Is it time to get your life back for good?

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