So how do I change my thoughts


If we change the way we think consciously and unconsciously and no longer act or think on automatic pilot, we can have a life of joy, health, success and abundance. Our unconscious thinking, or automatic thinking, comes mostly from our conditioning that has helped to create our beliefs.  It is our beliefs that carve out our personal world.  They are therefore an important contributing factor that requires our attention.

Often those unconscious thoughts that cause us to re-act, have strong emotions attached to them that we may or may not fully understand. In fact we may not be consciously aware until a certain thing is said, or we find our self in a certain situation and suddenly all these emotions well up inside and we find our self out of control, feeling afraid or re-acting out of character.

If we don’t take control of our thoughts, our beliefs, and the resultant action of those thoughts, we do not have control of our lives.

How Do I Change My Thinking?

First you need to recognise what you are thinking, what your particular beliefs are, and how you react to situations and those around you. It is easier to recognise the conscious thoughts as they roll around inside. You know that you are thinking certain thoughts at certain times in that you have conscious recognition.

The thoughts that cause you to re-act without thinking, that have a way of governing your life without, at times, your knowledge, are hidden deep within your subconscious, and in your DNA. It’s these that need a little more work to uncover.

It helps to write down what you want out of life and be very specific.  As you do this notice how you feel. Do you immediately feel that you deserve them, or do you feel that this could never happen for you?  Write down what you feel about your life, your relationships, your career, your health etc. and be honest about how you feel.

This isn’t to make you feel bad about yourself. It will assist you in helping you to recognise and acknowledge how you truly feel; and not what you think you feel or you have convinced yourself to feel.

Ask a simple question like, “what makes me happy?” and see what answers you get. And then compare the answers with how you actually live your life.

Until you acknowledge your true deeper feelings,  you cannot begin to change your thoughts for the betterment of your well-being or your life.

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