You Are A Divine Gift To The World

We are continually unravelling and evolving, where we discover yet another gem previously hidden from our view. The fact that we all have this ability to continually grow and are unlimited in how far we can expand is truly wonderful. The deeper we travel, the more there is to unravel and unearth. The more we uncover, the more expanded in our understanding we become and open to even greater truths.

Our journey of self-discovery really is like unravelling a piece of string that seemingly goes on forever. We just never get to the end. And why would we? Where would the fun be then in just being? Taking time to have a meaningful relationship with our self is not only an amazing experience but also a process of self-growth that is unsurpassable by any other means.

Previously unknown abilities jump out and take us by surprise. Hidden wisdoms buried for so long, have a way of rolling off our tongue when least expected. But always just at the right moment. We listen in awe, as we utter such powerful healing words that mend the wounds and aching hearts of others. Words that also help motivate others to reach upward and find their own unswerving truth.  We all inspire and open many a closed heart when words flow from the Universal Heart and Mind this way.

As we become closer to our self, we learn to trust, listen and be guided by our own innate wisdom that comes from on high.  A solid bond built on love and affection begins to replace inner fears and doubts.  Gently we come to recognise our worth and love who we are. No longer discouraged or disturbed by external events or actions, we are instead internally strong and have genuine belief in our self. The ability to forgive now comes easier as our heart and mind are merging with the One. Life takes on a beautiful simplicity where we feel we are now flowing more smoothly. Things just seem to happen at the right time. We focus our thoughts more intently on self-growth and find our selves enjoying every moment we spend on inner reflection.

Then one day, we simply “emerge”.  We emerge just like a butterfly unravelling from its chrysalis where it has undergone a most exquisite transformation. Where it has become even more beautiful and graceful than before. Our wings, feeling a little weak at first, strengthen as we take greater steps forward. We begin to remember the long forgotten memory of freedom as our wings gradually unfold, spreading wider and wider.   We are ready for flight.

Then up we go, flying free, flying fast; nothing to stop us now. We are so free. We are soaring higher and higher; closer and closer to that wonderous light that felt so far away. That light lays a pathway of gold upon which we can fly even higher, guiding us all back home. That sense and feeling of home, now firmly anchored in our heart will never leave.  As we now begin to live and breath that light we firmly place it in our earthly home for all to share.


 Emerge and fly!

Be open! Be Free!

 Be wonderous in all your divine beauty!

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