1. Identify what was happening at the time you felt anxious. “When a person’s anxious, their thoughts are all over the place and their emotions are running the show. The more structured the mind can become; the better able we are to unravel our thoughts from our emotions. Ask yourself, when did you get anxious, what was going on, who were you with, what was being said, and did you see/hear anything specific?”
  1. Go within and explore what scares you. “Go beyond what you feel on a conscious level. Dig deeper, let the initial reactions come up, and just keep digging down. It helps. You might find the anxiety comes from only one or two core fears, coupled with beliefs or experiences you felt as a child, often around feeling unworthy or insecure.”
  1. Study your diet, and look at any foods that may be adding to the anxiety. Sugars and heavy carbs (alcohol) don’t help with anxiety, because those things are difficult for the body to process, so you will begin to feel lethargic and tired. The body can’t cope with all the emotional distress that it’s going through on top of being fed foods that are difficult to process, so you have no internal ‘tools’ to help process what you are feeling. Anxiety is deeply linked to emotions and the nervous system, which affect every organ in our body. So by changing your diet to more healthy, lighter foods will definitely help your body process your emotions more easily as energy is not being diverted or solely focused on managing your digestive and elimination systems.
anxiety free, anxiety symptoms


“How to find calm, gain confidence and regain total control”

anxiety free, anxiety symptoms


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