How to remain calm in the midst of turmoil

How to remain calm in the midst of turmoil: This is a much longer blog than normal so maybe pour yourself a cup of tea before you commence reading. I still have kept it fairly short , although it may not look like it…the soul has so much more to teach on this subject.

The key to finding and maintaining inner peace and bliss is within us all.

We do not have to withdraw from the world, our friends or family, nor meditate for hours on end in order to come to know calm or stillness. Some people may feel that they will never experience an inner calm, or the strength that comes from a peaceful mind where we feel both guided and supported. If you want to know that peaceful existence where you remain calm, constant and still no matter what is going on around you, and where your inner sense of peace remains undisturbed by any external influence, put simply, you can. The ability to remain present, without disturbance is something that is inherent in every one of us.

Within you and I exists a deep fathomless essence forever flowing, forever guiding, forever loving and intensely peaceful, that will bring calm and inner stillness to a troubled mind. I am talking about our soul. The beautiful divine light that speaks only in the language of love and which can dissolve all fearful thoughts, doubts and internal conflict. The soul is the centre of our total being, our human and spiritual self. It forms a bridge between the two where our human consciousness can come to know and understand our true natural state of being, that is without struggle, fear or doubt and where peace naturally rests.

Ultimate calm amidst turmoil comes about when we have learnt to stop struggling, or trying to make things work, or trying to convince ourselves that what we are doing will make us happy. By listening to what our soul is saying will ensure a peaceful inner world. When our thoughts are misaligned with our heart, with our soul, there will always be a level of conflict and inner disturbance.

So how do we find calm?


How to remain calm amidst turmoil? We firstly need to learn to acknowledge our true feelings regardless of what they are or where they have come from.

Or even how they came into being.

By being honest with ourself and laying no judgement upon our feelings, or our thoughts, we begin the journey of self-love; developing a compassionate loving mindset that is aligned to the mind of the soul. Accepting whatever circumstances we are currently involved with or what we are experiencing in our lives will instantly cease struggle. This opens the door to our soul to step in and begin the process of soul healing and integration, which lays the foundation for trust and self – belief; and a willingness to listen and be guided by the soul.


The second step is where we learn to detach and become observant of our thoughts, and more importantly paying attention to where, when and with whom we react with emotional outbursts, big or small. Watching each thought, tracing where it came from and what gave it life, further enables calm to become the new state of mind. The practice of observation clears clutter, creates space and thereby, increases the flow of energy. All of our thoughts are energy and when are thinking is haphazard, out of control we use up inordinate amount of energy where we become listless, tired and de-motivated. Freeing up these blockages results in feeling more energised, optimistic, and more capable. Interactions with others begin take on a whole new look and feel. No longer buying into dramas, or stories, or being adversely influenced by someone else’s unhealthy wants, we start to think for ourselves and take full ownership of ALL of our thoughts and our feelings.

We may not like our thoughts at first glance and we may be afraid of our feelings.

But when we take ownership, without any judgment, regardless of the nature of the thought or feeling, we immediately start to feel more whole. Taking ownership lets all those parts of us that once felt disconnected and in disarray start to reconnect. Every step we take that is of a loving nature prepares the soil for new thoughts and healthy emotions to flourish. Yes there is some healing required to dissolve the underlying fears but having a understanding of the inner state of our mind prepares the path for building a more loving relationship with our self. This is the most important relationship to nurture where we can release ourselves from anything that holds us back, or keeps us locked in fear. Now we can start to see a way out.

In that newly found sanctum of quietness, we hear our soul speaking to us through our intuition and through our heart. We become more aware of our true feelings now that we have created more inner space enabling us to listen and to freely feel. Now we are learning to stop, to feel and to listen. Our power to observe, to choose our words with love and positive intent paves the way for an even greater sense of self. We start to take notice of who we are and what we truly want for our self. We can choose how to think, how to feel, and how to act as opposed to reacting to life. A whole new perspective is born. The horizon expands filling up with a wonderful view, which shows us very clearly of what we are manifesting in our lives and how we can now create a life filled with joy and one that is without struggle.

By developing our sense of self-awareness we can delete all old patterns and habits.

how to remain calm in the midst of turmoil

By ceasing to think in the old way those once active unhealthy thoughts and habits become weak and die away, allowing us to replace them with self-loving behaviours. As we continue on this newly found pathway we uncover more of our wonderful loving self that’s been there all the time. No longer content on fruitless, inhibiting thinking we start to think with pure intent.

Aware of the power of our words we now know how to use them to create positive outcomes in everything we do.

Our mind is opening wider to our soul consciousness and many incredible insights are being presented to us daily. Our vision is becoming really clear now. A strong desire to create our world that is completely self-nurturing and self-fulfilling is at the core of all of our thoughts and actions. We are becoming integrated with our beautiful soul.

Life makes sense. Everything falls into place.

Joy and happiness become a natural expression, as we continually change our thoughts, owing outcomes we create and learning to trust in our higher wisdom. It’s an extremely joyous moment when we feel and know that we can manifest our world, where our desires come into fruition. And where calm and peace are a natural state of mind.

Peace and quiet…

Our words are filled with compassion and our actions are those of soul; loving, understanding, nurturing and we easily find ourselves allowing the greater mind of our soul to open the door even wider where we are greeted with, and engulfed in joy and bliss and grace. Love floods our whole body, feeling it right down to the very core of our being from where it flows endlessly. There’s a million little stars gently exploding within us, all the way through our mind, and all the way through our body. They’re a real physical experience. We feel them and a smile spreads upon our face. We feel at peace amidst the outer turmoil that no longer disturbs our inner calm.

If you are struggling to maintain emotional balance, relationshiop harmony and feeling that your future is one of unlimted success that you so derserve, then wait no longe and book your free assessment breakthrough now; and start living your true purpose with intention.

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