Why am I always feeling angry?  

Well because something is not right within you.

There is a misalignment somewhere between your thoughts and your emotions. Some emotional wound is buried deep inside your nervous system which erupts from time to time triggered by an external event, causing you to react with anger to whatever is going on at the time.

Anger is one of the most powerful emotions, and deemed to be one of the most difficult to deal with and when left unattended can wreak havoc with our relationships, our professional life and our health

It’s also probably the least understood.  I have found over many years of soul integration healing that anger highlights a deeper issue of hurt or pain, or even trauma that has not been healed but the deeper part of your mind and your physical body has not forgotten and is holding onto the emotional effect of the event. I have come to understand that underneath anger lies a hurt that is difficult for many of us to deal with, or even acknowledge. It throws up feelings that we rather not experience again. We become afraid of the feeling; what it may feel like when we attempt to recall the original event.

Anger can also be a learned behaviour. If you grew up in a household where anger was the main channel of communication between your parents then part of you will see this as the norm.  More so if that anger was also thrown your way where you walked on egg shells, doing your best to avoid one or both of your parents for fear of what might happen.  Seeing parent locked in an angry exchange ca be very frightening and a traumatic experience for a young child.

As an adult you may be committed to not being like your parents and do your best to avoid conflict or stressful situations so you can keep a lid on your anger, afraid that may just show itself. That kind of mindfulness takes a lot of time and energy  which can be exhausting.   You may not be aware that you are harbouring anger at your parents for making you feel so bad when you were young and vulnerable.

Part of you will have been programmed that anger is ok . That it yields results by overpowering another human being, making them feel afraid and easily cow to your demands. Or that part of you may be very afraid, feeling of insecure, lacking in confidence and afraid to speak up for fear of retribution.

Rather than working with our anger to fully understand where it comes from often we just allow it to take contrland why we enable it, we push it down out of sight and out of deeper.  We have got so used to burying the pain and unconsciously making excuses as to why we feel the way that we do, which not only intensifies the hidden pain but also forms behaviours that are not a true reflection of who we are.  But one day it will surface and

So what can you do ?

Get to understand it, where it comes from and how it serves you. Ask yourself why you let it continue. And accept what answers come from within without any judgement, that way you can begin to truly acknowledge some if your deepest feelings and fears.  Left to its own devices, anger will wreck your relationships especially the one you have with yourself, as well these closest to you.  This is just one technique you can use to understand your anger.

Connect with the anger – Feel the anger by focusing your mind only on the emotion itself. Give it a shape and or a colour if it helps you to connect with it. Feel its presence. Observe it so you get to know it more and understand how it serves you.  Journal your experience, jot down the thoughts that arise. Understanding its reason for being, how it is of benefit, will help you better decide on the best approach for resolving it once and for all.

Write down what you learnt. Also jot down what actions you are going to take.

  • What was your immediate reaction when you first connected to the feeling?
  • Was it to run away, to hide, or become angrier?
  • Did your mind remind you of another time in your life?

By delving within you can both uncover the root cause and take action as to how and when you want to heal the underlying cause. All these weeds that are choking your ability to be happy, fulfilled and content, can be rooted out and dissolved for good.

If you are a ready to be liberated from anger forever, experience emotional freedom, true harmony and balance in your love life and live a life of unlimited success owning your personal power then..

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