Hi Jay , it’s good that you have questions as it tells me that I am probably not explaining my self well enough or that I am assuming that what I am saying is understood and received in the same way as I intended it to be…so please don’t stop asking.

When I made the comment of fear of Jesus, I was alluding more to that fact that when we, as human beings, don’t like someone, or don’t want to be around someone  for example, there is usually a reason and that person maybe bringing something  to our attention.  That person or particular situation may take us back to childhood, and we re-experience feelings that we had long ago buried deep into our subconscious mind along with the emotional trauma. If that trauma was severe our reactions may also be severe, catching us off guard.

So how we handle the way we react and the feelings that arise, is really our choice. Our immediate reaction is usually to ignore the message or insight as we have always done; how we have been programmed to do.  As a race of human beings we usually retreat inside feeling vulnerable, or  hit out,  get angry, blame, or judge, But we could, when we consciously choose, is to stop, acknowledge how we are feeling, and respond in a much calmer, more empowered manner. Then later on in reflection time, take a loo at what we felt, what was said, and where that reaction came from. By doing this we get in control of our emotions, instead of then controlling us. It also teaches us to observe our feelings which is very empowering overall and can lessen the fear we have of our feelings. Of course some healing will be needed to dissolve the underlying cause and the pain that we are holding onto.

Negative, fearful reactions are a guide telling us there is something within ourselves that needs to be healed.

Even if this situation where you feel strongly about religion maybe highlighting a fear deep inside of a past experience, this life or past, where religion, for example  created fear, persecution or control.  Or it could be in your childhood from this life or in your ancestral dna, and therefore not your particular past life  experience.

So all I was highlighting, is that, when we are centered in our self, feeling empowered and integrated, we move out of any unnatural fear trusting the universe, which we create from our creator self, to guide us and provide for us, with a deep sense of knowing that everything is ok and will continue to be so.  And emotionally, mentally we are in a state of calm no matter what is going on around us..we chill out.  And we are in gratitude.  Any emotion like anger creates an imbalance and takes us away from our centered self.

So to get to the comment  that I made last night. Your healing of course comes from you,  all I was trying to say is that if you feel strongly and if there is  any inkling  of anger or resentment associated with  the idea of religion eg. Jesus, asking someone whom you perceive is also associated with that, can help to heal it more quickly, eg. sendig a prayer or thoughts to Jesus.

It’s similar to if I had real grief with one of my family members,  I can release the feelings of fear or anger or whatever they are within myself  and forgive but true healing comes when  not only do I forgive but hold compassion in place of any negative feeling that existed, and having complete acceptance of who and what they are without that person affecting me an any way, any  longer.

Part of the process of healing might also involve having a discussion with that family member and in a sense facing them,( facing my fear).

I suppose that all I am saying in your case about religion is that if you have any strong anti feelings within you somewhere for some reason, and if for example, it was from your childhood where you were forced to go to church against your wishes and that the teachings induced real fear of punishment from God, as is the case with many people I see, your healing would involve in this example, forgiveness of that person and removing the resultant fear of God /religion that was created.

For us to be in that place of connectedness, stillness and integration we are in acceptance of others and what exists on earth, not holding any negative feelings. In that sate of being we can truly heal the world. That doesn’t mean that  we accept all things lying down and ignore the injustices etc. but to heal those situations and not buy into the negative group consciousness, I feel it is better to accept and help change that situation by healing myself and then sending out healing for that situation to change for the betterment of all.

Every one of us that heals and comes to that centered place  within ourself, heals millions across the planet and we move out of the spider web of group fear and control consciousness, and we also weaken the web.

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