Heart CenteredWhen our thoughts and feelings flow in harmony, we bring balance deep within our self and our world. To help then to maintain that balance, ask the Creator Source to show you how, and to teach you how to maintain balance and harmony both internally and externally. Ask to be shown how to do this when in conversation with others or conversing with your Self, when making decisions, when contemplating your life and in all relationships with family, friends and work colleagues. Source will respond and so too your divine Soul. Together, this unbeatable partnership will teach you how to experience the peacefulness that springs from their magic formula in all aspects of your life. Create harmony and balance in whatever you do. Help those who are struggling to find their way.

In this time of worldly turmoil know that it truly reflects our collective inner turmoil. As the world changes direction, so we too change direction. As we advance along our chosen pathway, we assist the world at large to do the same. As each one of us remains true and constant so we lovingly assist in the opening of the minds of others; where they too can experience their wonderous inner divine being, and come to know that they are also of love.

This is a time of deep inner connection, not one of thinking separation. We are all being guided to step into our truth and reclaim our birthright. The knowing that we each have a direct link to Source and that we are all One and the same as Source. It is up to each and everyone to not let our selves become distracted by the world’s unrest and stay tuned within.

Your divine Soul is helping to steady your footsteps and maintain inner harmony. Open to your Soul each day and let it be your ‘Soul mate’ where it can both encourage and guide. Remain what is true for you.

If you feel inner unrest then follow this simple meditation to feel your Soul flowing in to all aspects of your being, and so become centered and calm.

Feeling Your Soul’s Presence

Close your eyes and take a deep breath and focus your attention on your centre of your chest. Visualise, sense, feel or imagine a rose and flow your mind into the centre of the rose. If your mind is pulled away by straying thoughts just bring your attention back to your heart area. As you calm and centre, simply ask your Soul to enter your mind and your body so that you feel it within and around you.  Ask that it bathe you in its loving essence to both still and quite your mind and emotions.

Wait a few moments and you will become aware of a change, a feeling or inner movement or a warming in your heart chakra or thymus area. Go into the feeling, no matter how slight to start with and become aware of it. Follow the feeling with your mind remaining focused to become aware of just how it feels. Feel your beautiful Soul’s presence.

Talk to your Soul, chat to it and ask whatever you wish. Just by practicing this very simple technique and being in the feeling, in the company of your Soul, you will enhance your sense of Self and grow in the love that is you.

Notice how you feel before and after each time that you do this.

This is one of my most favourite meditations as it so reinforces my sense of Self.  I enjoy just being in the feeling where the spoken word is not needed. The ‘feeling’ creates a wonderful sense of ‘knowing’ and just ‘being’.

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