Moving from doubt to get it done

Moving from doubt to get it done: People who get things done don’t let anxiety and worry hold them back. They are too busy moving forward to get sidetracked by doubt. They approach new opportunities with a perspective of hope and possibility, which inspires them to focus on what they want and take action.

Doubting on the other hand, come from a place of worry and a perspective of challenges and limitations and ‘what-if’s’. When we’re doubtful about being able to achieve what we want, we open our minds to negative thoughts. And, as you can imagine, the more negative thoughts we have, the less likely we are to get started.

Doubt can be paralysing. Even skilled snow skiers sometimes stand too long on the edge of a ski slope, looking down. The longer they look over the tips of their skis, the steeper the mountain appears, the higher the moguls, the further the fall. Doubt creeps in and sometimes the thrill of a lifetime is abandoned for something safer.

How do you deal with doubt? 4 Steps to help you

moving from doubt to get it done go for itWhat about you?  Are you standing on the edge doubting if you should take the next step?  Next time you find that your doubts are holding you back from your dreams, take these 4 simple, yet powerful, steps:

1.   Take a deep breath.

2.   Remember the skills you have that support you to move forward.

3.   Determine your first safe step.

4.   And just do it!

Remember too, that you are a Divine gift to this world. So help create a more loving, joyous world by following your dream. This way you also carve out new pathways within our collective mindset that open up further avenues of awareness where others too see that it is possible to follow their dreams and aspirations.


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