Do my actions bring me closer to my true divine self

Or further away from where I want to be?

Do my intentions build a solid foundation upon which I can walk in love?

Do my thoughts resonate with those from Source?


As I come to understand myself more,

So I begin to realise my true identity.

My thoughts continue inward uncovering strength and power of an inimitable kind

That is filled to the brim with love for all of mankind.


My actions no longer stray in all directions,

Where I find myself in utter confusion,

I think in love,

I know I am love,

Therefore I AM!


About Sandy Hounsell

My speciality is turning your pain into power...

Since 2001 I have been helping transform women’s and men’s lives in healing the trauma experienced through abuse, by dissolving the root cause and the manifestation of those experiences like unhealthy relationships, anxiety, depression, self sabotaging behaviours, repetitive patterns that has disconnected you, from the Real You...Read More >

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