How to identify my negative beliefs about money

Negative beliefs about money: So what are your beliefs about money?  Good and bad? In this blog we look at 3 steps to stepping back and understanding your relationship with money, and how your mental attitude is towards it. We then look at some useful tips on how you can change this to live a life of joy and abundance.

Step 1. Ask yourself these questions about money

First sit quietly and reflect. Let your mind drift back to when you were young. Ask yourself these questions:

What do you hear your Mum and Dad saying about money?

What type of relationship did they have with money?

Was it a loving relationship – or a love/hate relationship?

What did they believe?

Did they fear it?

Love it?

Embrace it?

Or did they feel that it was a necessity that always eluded them?

Did they pay the bills begrudgingly?

Did they make judgment on others who had money?

Did they feel that they needed to “keep up with the Jones’s”?

How did money impact on their life and what do you believe as a result?

Dig deep and uncover the answers to what may be falsehoods.

I remember my Mum always saying that “money didn’t grow on trees”.  Although I could never quite fathom that saying, equating money to a leaf-less tree, somehow left me with a view that money was always out of my reach and that I had to go looking for it … somewhere.  I thought that it wouldn’t find its way to me – it wouldn’t just show up when needed.  It’s funny thinking back, as although both my parents had scarcity beliefs and would often bring them up in conversation, especially when they were asked for something, we always seemed to have enough.  We never went without food, or clothes, or toys for that matter. Not when we were young anyway – there were 4 of us – but when we hit our teens, it became more difficult to spread the money around, which of course, embedded those beliefs even further, even though on a conscious level I didn’t actually think that.

Step 2. Identify your money fears

Are you able to really identify the fears you have around money?

Chatting to a friend of mine awhile ago now, another money fear came to light and hit me full on – and I mean, full on.   We were chatting about money and the affect it has on our lives, and she suddenly asked me how I would feel earning $600k a year.  Immediately, I went into shock, experiencing the sensation of deep shame and guilt, but most of all, I felt like I was letting my parents down.  I felt that my parents would be very disappointed in me if I ever earned that kind of money. My whole body was in shock. That was a deep one!

But what an absolute blessing I received, what a gift from my beautiful friend, helping me uncover yet another gremlin hiding away in my subconscious mind keeping me from experiencing that possibility.   The Universe certainly spoke through her that day.   Somewhere, I had been taught shame around not just money per say, but the amount of money we are entitled to.  I had an unconscious ceiling, felt more like a very large manhole cover I can tell you, holding me back and limiting what I can personally achieve.  I had never thought about that kind of money before.  I have always believed that it will turn up when needed, and because it has, I have never felt the need to think about it in those terms.  It felt damn good to get rid of that limitation.  It took me awhile to get over the initial emotional reaction though.

This is one of many other experiences I have had. Over the years I have realised that I had deep-rooted fears around money.  Because of my experience as a healer, I have continually worked on dissolving these fears and healing it at it’s root cause.  I have first hand experience what it’s like, so easily understand and help my clients also identify and heal these fears.  The results they have achieved time after time is amazing.

Step 3. Understanding the connection between our fears and our reality

Negative beliefs about money don’t just impact our ability to have more money, but they affect all aspects of our lives and ability to dream big and achieve our dreams.

So, if you are struggling to attract money into your life, I encourage you to start creating a relationship with money.  Life is all about relationships.  The one we have with our self, with our families, our friends, work colleagues, and with life.  We cannot live without them.  We can exist, yes.  But existing is not living.

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