Negative thoughts stifle love: In this blog I talk about how our negative fear based thoughts stifle our opportunity to experience the  truly magical essence of the vibrant energy of love.

Love of our Self is diminished, keeping our sense of self worth at a low. When the love we share with our self doesn’t grow then the magnitude of love we can experience in our relationships is also limited.

Much of our thinking is governed by our fears


Much of our thinking and how we react to situations and people is governed by our subconscious (unconscious) thinking. Until we learn to heal the root cause that gave rise to what’s been planted in our subconscious we literally remain in the habit of reaction, instead of  taking positive action. This state of mind can, if left unchecked, destroy our chances of experiencing a truly magical relationship with our ideal partner. This is especially true where our thoughts are fuelled by forgotten hurtful incidents

It is the buried trauma, trapped in our nervous system, that cause our reactive behaviour, which sometimes explodes uncontrollably as the hazardous energy is released from our wounds. Emotional reactions can be triggered by events, situations, or words spoken by another person, which often keep us stuck in blame, criticism, judgement or feeling the victim.

Whatever reaction we experience; it is a reaction. Which means we are not in the driving seat, but are being driven along the roadway of life trying to navigate the many twists and turns, that can take us on a safe and peaceful journey or one that is fraught with obstacles. It can feel like we are in a bumper car, forever knocking into all the drivers desperately trying to also find their way, but we just keep getting ourselves cornered unable to back up, turn left or right to free ourselves from the mess we have unconsciously created through our thinking.

Thoughts are real energy

Where our thinking is negative we create negative outcomes resulting in our inability to                                   manifest a more joyful existence.  Negative thoughts inhibit our awareness and close our minds to greer possibilities.

But by taking control over negative thinking and taking charge of the energy that is created from our thinking, we can literally change our lives around.By utilising the energy we can manifest a far more fulfilling life and the more conscious effort we apply the faster and more greater the change becomes.

When we think positively and connect into the feeling the positive thought creates we connect to a deeper part of ourselves that we may not have been in touch with before or too often. Our fears keep us away from the most powerful part of our self that we have.

That part, I refer to as our soul, is most powerful, strong and most deeply loving. It’s love for us is unconditional. And as we actively connect to our soul by turning our thinking habits around we begin to feel love for our self more deeply and more truthfully. The drive to show up authentically with love gathers momentum creating wonderful change after change infusing our life with joy.

We drink it in to flood our mind and our body with its life giving force. That unconditional love which we are growing used to and never      want to lose, encourages us to let go of all fear based thinking to fully open our hearts to let true healthy love in.

Love that is unfettered grows exponentially and takes us on ever more joyful, vibrant experiences of love where we are constantly growing and expanding our consciousness and ability to increase our own vibration and absorption of yet even more love.

What we put out, we receive.

Negative thinking takes us on a spiral of inward self absorption where, in order to rationalise our behaviour we blame and play the victim creating drama after drama in order to remain on our comfort zone and stay safe. But of course the opposite is true. We are emotionally safe when our life is governed by fearful thoughts.

However, by changing our habitual, negative thinking we open the door to a deeper connection to our Self, which continually increases our sense of self worth and self-love. As we perpetuate the practice of self-love through our thoughts and our decisions, and our actions, an ever widening circle of vibrant energy begins to flow out from us attracting ideal friends, partners, opportunities and more love. It’s a never-ending circle continually increasing in vibration, raising us to higher and higher levels of awareness and self love where we can break free from all negativity to love ourself and another as we truly desire.

As you begin to appreciate and love yourself more easily you will start to get back control of your mind and your unhealthy behaviours. You will be able to see how you can utilise your energies by focussing on more self-nurturing and self-fulfilling endeavours. With new found clarity comes strength, and from a position of strength you are able to make better conscious decisions for change. Positive change exponentially increases your sense of worthiness every time you make a positive statement.

Revisit your thoughts

Go back over some of your thoughts and see how and where your thinking could have been of a more positive nature and how the situation may have been different had you changed the vibration of what you were creating. Now think about that particular time and imagine instead loving creative thoughts and words being projected by you into the situation. Turn up the good feelings, increase their vibration until you can feel in touch with them, that they are a part of you. Then go back into that situation and feel the difference your new thoughts are creating.  Feel it!

Here’s something you might like to try

Don’t think of anything negative for 3 days. Keep a note of any harmful thought that is trying to control your mind. When you notice one creeping in, grab a hold of it and consciously change it to something beautiful and positive. See what happens when you do. You will surprise yourself.

In the process of observation you are more able to recognise and accept where your mind is damaging your chances of true happiness.

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