As the flower grows it focuses on itself, turning toward the sunlight to breathe in warmth and nurture its growth, and for the rain to feed its “body”. As the flower grows, it becomes aware of other flowers surrounding it and it notices how grand and beautiful they all look.  It realises that all the surrounding flowers also need the sun and the rain, and that apart from the many colours and shapes that the other flowers display, that they are all the same and have the same needs. It further realises that by being surrounded by such beauty that it not only feels more beautiful about itself, but it feels good being part of the “bunch” and how well they all look together and support each other and the beauty that they give out to all passers by.

So we come within and learn to do it for our self, be that healing our ego, negativity, loving our self, taking care of us, nurturing our dreams, and once learnt we can then take that learning out into life and help others.  First though, we learn to understand our beautiful self and of course, we do this simultaneously if we are taking notice of our thoughts, our actions and reactions to others and situations that we create. If we are not taking any notice, we are not really learning.

As we are all connected to each other, whatever we do has an affect on the whole of human life, but that’s another “conversation”. It’s like anything that we do. What is within us, we reflect out into the world, into our collective consciousness and what is occurring in our human world is playing out within each of us.  Nothing that we do, consciously or unconsciously goes unnoticed in the ocean of our collective consciousness.

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