As we evolve and merge with our soul, the more we come to think and feel as our soul. But because we are also having this human experience and have our own human personality, we can sometimes feel separated from our self.  We are learning to absorb our human self into our soul and therefore our thinking can be independent (human) thinking as opposed to soul (integrated) thinking.

As we start to feel more to connected to our soul self, we learn to look at our experiences as our soul views things. We look at life through the eyes of our soul and our perspective takes on a much deeper and expanded understanding.

Information and guidance from our soul becomes stronger. We start to listen more to that inner voice of divine guidance. Our soul guides us forward.  As this process unravels, on a deeper level we are learning to understand all aspects of our soul, but not necessarily at a conscious level at this stage. We just have this wonderful growing awareness flowing throughout our life. We feel stronger within our self, less fearful, more spontaneous and much more joyful.  As the inner understanding continues to grow, flowing up through all the layers that together form who we are, so we start to consciously recognise and accept our true self.

It’s true, that we don’t always understand what we are being given at times, because our independent human thinking gets in the way. We get stuck in old behaviours and fear has us rooted to the spot from which we are too scared to move. Instead of seeing life as a series of experiences that we ourselves are creating, we continue to react to life’s situations. Now we all do this from time to time, and that’s ok. After all we are here to grow and expand our consciousness. It can take a little while.  So what should we do when life and circumstances feel too difficult, Take a back seat. Lounge back in the cosy arms of your soul and ponder a while. Observe the feelings and thoughts rushing through your mind and your body and simply ask your self why you are reacting, instead of seeing from your soul’s eyes as to what you are actually doing.

When we ask for work to resolve issues within our self, our soul does respond providing us with insights and clues. The answers are all there. But sometimes we go looking in the wrong place.  No more looking outside. Look within and find the real you. Let your soul inspire and guide your thoughts to quell those restless emotions that have you up in arms every time there’s a blip on your life’s horizon.

Our soul is an infinite being, a source of light that in effect gave birth to an expression of itself when it ‘seated’ itself in our human form. The human form acts like an overcoat in which the soul desires to fit into. Not to control our thinking, but to help us feel comfortable and safe wearing the coat. As we become more accustomed to walking about in this nice, warm cosy coat of ours we find that we don’t want to take it off. It’s become part of us. People start to identify us by our luscious coat. It’s up to us to desire, to want to slip into this coat, this soul of ours. It’s for us to consciously put on the coat and wear it.

In the process of experiencing and of realising that we are part of this wholeness of our soul, we can and do sometimes get confused and go against our better judgement. We don’t listen to our intuition. And that’s ok too. For whatever we do we are learning, and our soul is growing from all of our human interactions and experiences.

So be whatever you want to be. Wherever you are is ok. If you want to change the situation, do so. If you want to grow and experience life as a spiritual being having a human experience, go for it. The walls of fear and negativity will just crumble away, like the walls of a house falling down, and you’ll be standing there with all the tools that you need to build the house, your life, of your dreams.

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