Our Truth Is Strength Enough.

We are all eternally strong, when we stand in our own truth. When I speak of truth in this way. I refer to a truth that dwells within each of us. A truth that comes from a real inner sense of oneness with ourself and the Universal Source. That Universal Source which is an eternal river of love without condition. Flowing seamlessly unhindered from the heart of Source directly into our heart.

There is nothing more powerful than the love of self and of knowing and feeling from whence we came.  There is nothing more wonderful in just being. There is true joy in sharing our glorious planet with all the beautiful souls who reside here.

We can  create a playground in which the magic of who we are, mixed with our imagination play freely together to create our own world of magic and wonder.

In this sense of oneness we are calm, content and without distraction. Even when the world appears to be ranging all around. From this place of being, nothing is left to chance.  Risk of undoing is non-existent.  No need either to be concerned about what others are thinking. Nothing can rattle us or throw us of our pursuit of imaginative creation.  We are strong and unwavering in our sense of oneness.

Within this deep, unending connection to our Divine Source, acceptance, detachment and compassion become our mantra and our behaviour. All without inner discourse.  Whatever flows our  way. Whatever we create in our world, we see the inner wisdom, the golden nugget that is there for us to ponder over and grow even stronger.

We can be generous therefore in our dealings with all others displaying warmth, kindness and compassion.

What have we to fear when we are most powerful and filled with love without condition from which we all sprung in the very beginnings of our time

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