Everyone has negative thoughts. This is a burden most of us carry. These thoughts can exist as self doubt, bitter feelings towards others and even bitter feelings towards oneself.

The problem with these thoughts is that a lot of them stem from beliefs that have been programmed in our subconscious with or without our approval. Take for example someone with low self esteem. This person might have an exciting dream of one day becoming a singer in a band. They could have a fantastic singing voice and a deep passion for music but a self image that does not match the dream.

The self image is programmed with ideas like “you are too shy to sing in front of people” or “people will laugh at you on stage” which ultimately force this person to abandon the goal. This is just one example, but it illustrates the control that negative thoughts can affect a person.

Brainstorm a list of the negative thoughts you have. Thoughts you have about yourself, thoughts about others and just negative thoughts in general. It is safe to say it will not take long to think of a decent list.

Once you have that list, you will then think of affirmations to counter those negative thoughts. Affirmations are one way of working with negative thoughts but if you find them hard to change, or you experience some internal resistance, then maybe its time to seek help from a qualified soul healer.

You can also not think of anything negative for 3 days. Keep a note of any negative thought that is trying to control your mind. Having an awareness will help you catch them before they take hold. When you do grab a hold think instead of something beautiful and positive. Replace that negative by saying something that is more loving instead. Feel, the difference?


If you are finding it challenging to hael thesenegative thoughts answould like your life to take a more postive direction and dissolve for good any underlying emotional conflict holding you back from having;-

  •   Complete balance and harmony in your love life and your professional life.
  •   Emotional Freedom to feel at peace, calm and in control embracing who you are.
  •   Claiming and owning your personal power and;
  •   Believing and trusting in a future  where you feel unlimited in what you can achieve.

Then book your free Assessment Breakthrough Session now.

Change your thoughts…Change Your Life.  

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