In this blog I explain how positive and negative thinking affects our lives, and our life’s outcome. 

 A lot of our thinking and how we react to situations and other people is governed by our subconscious (unconscious) thinking, which in turn creates our behaviours. Until we learn to heal the cause that gave rise to those behaviors, we literally remain in the habit of reaction instead of action.

We allow our emotions and our subconscious thoughts to take over and control our life in many aspects. In some cases all aspects of our life are controlled by negativity and our actions and behaviors only lead to unhappiness.

This state of mind can and does result in physical illness. This is especially true where thoughts, deeply rooted within our subconscious mind and out of sight of our immediate conscious awareness, are fuelled by unforgotten hurtful incidents. Buried buried hurts bear strong emotions that if left unattended wreak havoc on our physical bodies as well as our mind.

 Thoughts are energy

Thoughts are energy and where our thinking is creates negative energy our ability to manifest a more joyful existence is greatly inhibited. By having control over negativet hinking we can literally change our lives around. Like attracts like. When we think positively, we develop a more positive outlook and this is what forms the basis of a more joyful, self-fulfilling life.

Our outlook is literally lifted to a more higher vibration of energy. What we put out, we receive; and we find ourselves creating an environment that is energised with joy and is hence more self nurturing. Negative thinking takes us on a spiral of inward self absorption where, in order to rationalise our behaviour and convince ourself that its ok to be this way, we often find ourselves blaming, judging and critising others.

We are all architects of our own world. We literally create from the core of our very being. We are at the centre of our own universe. We can create by first learning to walk by changing our habitual, unorganised thinking, to a state where all in our world flows from a centre of self love, self nurture and self worth.

Are you ready to get out your paint brush and use each colour that is representative of self fulfilling loving thoughts, to paint your world from a place of love?

Ego v positive thinking

Please make use of the ego v positive thinking action tool to gain insight into just how and what you are thinking that is harming you. Use it at the end of the day to assist in self reflection looking at where your thinking and emotions have been manifesting. By doing this you become an observer. You are able to detach and extricate yourself from the established, pattern that is taking you on a path to nowhere.

In the process of standing back you are more able to recognise and accept where your mind is damaging your chances of true happiness. In most cases the negative thinking and responses are probably, both taking you and keeping you, in a place where you’d rather not be or remain.

Happiness is something that alludes a lot of people.

By detaching from the ingrained habit will not only teach you to see more clearly but also assist in developing a relationship with yourself. This is another thing a lot of us are yet to experience. As you begin to see through the fog and dismay, you will discover that you have a choice. You will see that you can indeed gain back control of your mind and behaviours. You will be able to see how you can utilise your energies by focussing on a more self nurturing and self fulfilling endeavour. With clarity you put yourself in a stronger position. Within a position of strength you are able to make a conscious decision to change. Positive change empowers you even more.

Go back over some of your thoughts and see how and where, if you had thought and acted in a more positive way, the situation may have been different. Become aware of  where you could have helped bring about a better outcome. Then observe how it feels. It feels good!

This is something that you may also wish to try:-

  • Set the intention to not think of anything negative for 3 days.

  • Buty keep a note of any negative thought that is trying to control your mind. They don’t give up easily.

  • When you do think of something negative, grab a hold of a negative thought and replace it with a healthier thought that projects a feeling of upliftment and positivity.

  • Also replace the negative words by saying something that is totally loving instead.

  • Then notice the difference in how you feel when you ponder on that more loving positive thought

  • Sit back and notice the subtle changes that start occurring in your life.   

 By learning to build an awareness you will be able to catch negative thoughts as they creep into your mind and confidently erase them before they take hold and cause any damage, putting you firmly in control.

Become the director of your life and become happy!

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