Harness the true power of intention

Say goodbye to Intention Deficit Disorder(IDD) by harnessing the true power of intention: When you seed your thoughts from your heart and direct them along a specific path that you have intended, will  not only raise the vibation of that thought, but will add fuel to ensure its success. The fuel that I refer to is INTENTION.

Your heart is the engine room. Your thoughts and their resultant outcomes are the fuel that feeds your heart, either keeping it healthy filled with joy or making it sad and doubtful.

Your thoughts when they come from your heart and given direction aimed at bringing you joy and fulfilling your desires, are far more powerful than those that have been ejected from your ‘head’ with no direction. Any life given form, as in your thoughts, that is not born out of love has no real power of its own and can either wither away and do nothing, or go on to create problems, depending on the thought and the energy it was created with.  Thoughts created from anger, or doubt for example, create angry outcomes or take us down a road that leads to frustration or despair.

Intentions setting the scene

When using the power of your heart to fuel your thoughts, the thoughts become inspired intentions. Each thought is intended to produce an certain outcome. So when you apply this innate power you direct the outcome of your life on a daily basis. You become in control of your destiny.

The energy of an intended thought sets the scene for wonderful change to occur, simply because you are putting more of your time, your energy and your focus into what you are creating for yourself. You become at the centre of the intention, so the whole of your self is the central force that is giving your intention life.  And as your whole self is an unlimitless being your intention becomes unlimited. You are at the centre of your intention. That intention is you. This makes it so powerful.

Ever wondered why outcomes you hoped for did not transpire?

That is because they were just that.  They were a ‘hope’ not an intended outcome. Hoping, means there is a level of doubt lingering in the background of your mind and so hoping is often leaving our desires to chance. Leaving anything to chance allows external influences to affect outcomes.

Intentional thinking is much more powerful than wishful thinking! 

Intentions versus Resolutions

Often resolutions can be precluded by “I will”, or “I need to”  I will, is a future statement and as such may remain stuck somewhere out in the future; way out of your reach. ” I need to ” implies a condition and places a restriction around that thought, not giving it much room to grow into an intended outcome. Resolutions are also often forgotten about , whereas an intention from its very nature being a part of us, is less likely to be discarded. Resolutions are something we might think about at the begining of a new year and as we get caught up in the business of life it become less important. An intention is something we give a lot of thought to and therefore has more meaning, and more value.

Intentions are wonderful gifts we give to ourselves out of love.

Are you ready to be master of your destiny? 

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Wave Goodbye To IDD

Feel confident of your future

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