Recognising our true feelings

Recognising how you truly feel about a particular situation in which you find yourself, is the first step to getting back on top of an issue. It also puts you in a better position, where you can exercise choice and decide to either let things continue in the same way or take steps to change the situation.

When you take an honest look on what is going on, how you view the current situation and what is the real reason that you are not smiling inside, you put yourself in a much healthier position in more ways than one.  The act of looking is creating an avenue for change and you actually open a door that is possible for you to walk through. Even if you feel uncomfortable analysing your feelings, the fact that you are wanting to recognise your truth, you are creating the basis for change. In that instance, you have been prepared to look beyond your normal perceived horizon.

      It’s when we ignore our feelings, nothing changes and things have a habit of getting worse.

When we search for answers to assist in our own growth and happiness we are supported by our higher wisdom. Help appears from many different places. Never believe that nothing can change, as there is always a way forward. The more honest we are with our self and our feelings, the more we can see. Because in that moment of changing our perception, our view,  we are connecting to the truth, our truth.

This then re-establishes within, a sense of our true self  and it is here, deep inside that we find the strength and courage to assist our chosen course of action.



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