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Is relationship anxiety something you have been struggling with? Do you feel hopeless and unsure of how to move forward with your life or as a couple? Sandy Hounsell has the answer!

Many people suffer anxiety at some point in their lives, and statistics show that anxiety in general is on the rise in the UK. Relationship anxiety encompasses many forms of stress around all our relationships. You may be experiencing conflict in your relationship with your partner; friendships; at work; with your family; or even in your relationship with yourself. You may be finding it hard to let go of a past relationship or making the same mistakes in your love life, over and over again.

Lots of couples are constantly caught in up heated arguments and don’t know how to resolve them. Many people also find themselves in toxic relationships and do not understand how to break the cycle causing them to become overly anxious individuals. Often people don’t know how to handle this overwhelming feeling of anxiety causing them to breakdown further and feel like all hope is lost.

Based in Dorset, UK, Sandy Hounsell specialises in healing anxiety or stress around relationships and has over 15 years’ experience in treating clients and couples across the UK, Australia and the USA. She has a proven technique that identifies the root causes of the anxiety or stress in your relationship. Identifying the root cause of the problem in your relationship is the key to helping you move forward as a couple. The methods she uses are highly effective and can resolve your anxiety issues permanently. She leaves her clients feeling a greater sense of joy and self-worth with a strong sense of self-identity and confidence in all their relationships now, and going forward. This drives them to creating the future they desire and attracting the partner they deserve.

If you are unsure where to go next, and would like some expert help, contact Sandy today, or see below for blogs and useful resources to help with any relationship issues you may be experiencing.

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Blogs to Help with Your Relationships
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Are You Disappearing In Your Relationship?

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5 Tips For Lasting Healthy Relationships

5 Tips For Lasting Healthy Relationships

5 Tips For Lasting Healthy Relationships  Here are some tips to help you achieve lasting healthy relationships that are little different to the norm by placing you at the centre of your thoughts and hence yourself.  1. Be honest with your feelings. Don't ever deny how...

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Negative Thoughts Stifle Love

Negative Thoughts Stifle Love

Negative thoughts stifle love: In this blog I talk about how our negative fear based thoughts stifle our opportunity to experience the  truly magical essence of the vibrant energy of love. Love of our Self is diminished, keeping our sense of self worth at a low. When...

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Finding Balance in my Love Life and Career

Finding Balance in my Love Life and Career

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Why It’s Important To Heal Our Feelings

Why It’s Important To Heal Our Feelings

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What our clients have to say:
To put it simply Sandy has changed my life.

She taught me how to understand and release all my past hurts and negative feelings. I found myself being comfortable enough to let go of troubled relationships, family stresses, old injuries and even secrets I had repressed for most of my life…

I truly believe I couldn’t have become the person I now am without the sheer determination and complete trust and support of this amazing woman.

You have been blessed if you ever get the opportunity to change your life with Sandy Hounsell.

Kylie, Gold Coast

“I was again seeking answers to boyfriend issues, same ones again.

Sandy’s treatments have settled me….my thoughts have settled….Now I am pulling my boots up expecting only from myself and definitely more in my power.

My Partner…also had one treatment from Sandy. He is now making decisions about our family and coping so much better under stress.”

Tracey and Nigel, Brisbane

Dear Sandy! There’s so very much I`ll tell you but you know it’s hard for me in english, but I´ll get it at try to write down something of my thoughts. My state at that moment were`t good, in divorce thoughts and in a land I didn’t belong in. I felt lonely and disorientated. It was a relief to find you with your wisdom, skills and love, it`s so fantastic, I can`t describe in words. …. You`ve help me to sort things out and put them on the places where they belongs. That great thing with my dying father we did was such a big thing I`ll never forgot.

I´ll always be grateful. The fantastic with you is that you have all those great skills of yours and also are a warm an understanding person with lots of love to give, you can see straight thru a person. I didn`t feel uncomfortable with that instead it felt as a major release.

You do a very , very important job and you do it so well with great love and compassion … I`m happy and feel honoured to have met you and I`ll hope We`ll meet again! Thanks again for all you`ve done for me and my whole family!

Lots of love,

Cecilia Teacher, Sweden

Through Sandy’s insights I realised that I was focusing so much on saving energy so that I could cope with social interactions, that I was actually expending energy and depleting my energy in this process. Sandy helped me to change my outlook …

I am profoundly grateful to Sandy to facilitating this process of awareness. She has access to insights that I have not come across before. As well, she is a warm and accepting person with whom one can feel at home upon a first meeting.

I will certainly be utilizing Sandy’s understanding, intuition and spiritual access in the future. We all deserve to be happy with the life we have chosen and to enjoy the process – whatever it may be.

Dell – University Student

About Sandy Hounsell

My speciality is turning your pain into power...

Since 2001 I have been helping transform women’s and men’s lives in healing the trauma experienced through abuse, by dissolving the root cause and the manifestation of those experiences like unhealthy relationships, anxiety, depression, self sabotaging behaviours, repetitive patterns that has disconnected you, from the Real You...Read More >

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