Relaxation Meditation: 

Imagine or visualise a staircase in your mind and it can be any staircase that you choose.  It could be one that you’ve seen in a movie or one remembered from childhood, or you can make it up. It can be a long sweeping ornate staircase with golden bannisters and a thick rich red carpet covering the steps, or it could be a cool white marble staircase.  Allow yourself to notice the detail. When you can picture it in your mind tell yourself that you are going to walk down the staircase one step at a time and with each step you are going to relax deeper and deeper. Really use your imagination and sense of feeling to notice each step beneath your feet and as you count yourself down each step say these words to yourself, “deeper and deeper down I go. The deeper I go, the more relaxed I am”

Now allow yourself to go even deeper.  At the bottom of the stairs imagine a deep blue pool of water; walk into the water, notice that it is warm, it feels gentle and nurturing. Then feel yourself floating on its surface. Sense the water touching the outline of your body; it’s comforting, it’s supporting you as you float and you begin to drift.  Whilst floating tell yourself, ” I am safe, relaxed and comfortable.  Every day I am relaxed and calm in all situations. My mind is calm, my body is calm, all my muscles are relaxed and calm”. Continue to imagine that your body is relaxed, that each muscle is relaxed. Scan your body and if any area feels tight, imagine a soft blue light encircling that part of your body, releasing all tension. Do this until all of your body feels relaxed. Continue to feel yourself floating and drifting for a long as you wish. When you are ready to return, come out of the water feeling refreshed and de-stressed. Walk back up the staircase slowly and calmly feeling more refreshed and relaxed as you progress.

When you arrive at the top of the stairs open your eyes and repeat, “I am safe, relaxed and calm.

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