Resolving conflict with loving intent: In this article we look at tools that will help you resolve conflict in a way that achieves the best outcome for all.

We ask you questions to help reflect on how to best handle the conflict.

Resolving conflict

resolving conflict with loving intentThe next time you are approaching an attempt at resolving conflict with someone, spend some time thinking about conflict and how it has factored into your life.

Did you grow up seeing healthy conflict resolution?

Or did you see yelling, name-calling, stonewalling and avoidance?

Often we may not recognise the impact that our childhood experiences have on our ability to handle conflict as an adult.

This is worth looking at.

Doing so will help you choose the actions you want to incorporate in your approach to conflict resolution, as well as what you’d like to leave behind.

You might ask yourself questions like:Questions to ask yourself

  • What did I see growing up, when it came to conflict?
  • What lessons did I learn from that?
  • What view of conflict do I hold now?
  • What feelings come up for me around the topic of conflict?
  • Do I have fear of speaking up, feelings of anger, resentment, blame, judgement or feelings of a genuine desire of an outcome that is beneficial for all?

Visualise a loving reconciliation

Sometimes when we are in conflict with someone else, we spend so much of our energy focusing on what’s wrong that we lose sight of the goal.

We can get so accustomed to being “out of sync” with another person that we honestly can’t imagine it being any different.

This is especially true when attempts at resolution have failed.

Here’s one way to get out of that rut:

Use the powerful tool of visualisation to see a successful reconciliation.

Resolving conflict with loving intentPicture yourselves working together in a complete state of harmony and cooperation.

  • What would that look like?
  • How would that feel?
  • What areas of your life would be affected? 

Go into it, play in it, turn up the volume so it feels real to you.

Then see yourself speaking calmly, openly expressing your true feelings in a non-blaming manner.

See the other person/s responding in the same way. Then see you both or all coming to resolution where you are all happy, leaving the scene in your mind with a sense of fulfilment.

When you can visualise it, you can move toward it.

Paint a picture in your mind of the resolution that you’d like to have, and you will find it easier to take steps toward that resolution.

Ask your Soul to guide you with the words that will be healing for all involved and to when the timing is right to hold the conversation.

When you are guided from within outcomes blossom and bring healing of the deepest form.

Here’s some tips and guidance to further help create peaceful win-win outcomes in any situation.

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