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Thoughts and Our Thinking 

Healing The Negative Thoughts

Much of our thinking, our reactions to situations and other people is governed by our subconscious (unconscious) thinking. Until we learn to heal the root cause that gave rise to our conditioned behaviors, we literally remain in the habit of reaction instead of one of action. We allow our emotions and our subconscious thoughts to take over and control our life in many, if not all aspects. Our life is controlled by negativity leading to unhappiness and feelings of loneliness.


Focussing On The Positive

The magic of this exercise is in the power of the words. Positive words are loving, uplifting, energising, creative and enhancing.  Working with positive words will soon raise your vibration, bit by bit, where you start to think positively …automatically. That is, without having to think about it!

Your Inner Child

Your Inner Child

By connecting to your inner child, listening to what it is saying, and then re-establishing a relationship with your inner child, that child begins to heal and so do you, from the inside out.


Understanding Your True Feelings

Your feelings can be your guide in resolving situations for the highest outcome


Feel your body relaxing. Feel each muscle relax. Feel your mind unwinding, calming, being soothed.

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