Sit back and Observe From Your Soul’s Perspective:

The soul, in conjunction with our higher mind, is constantly communicating to our conscious mind to assist in raising our awareness of who we are; and to help our human self to perceive life from a higher level of awareness for self-management. That is, through the eyes of our soul.

This enables us to cease reacting to life, and instead see the bigger picture at play. As we begin to marvel at what is occurring we find our self more in acceptance of one another in such a way that we see each other as souls all having our own individual journey. Judgement cases are, and we become truly supportive of one another, just as the Creator supports each one of us.

So, sit back and do not get caught up in the emotions where we can and often drown. Observe through your soul’s eyes and see all as Creator see’s us…..beautiful soul’s growing ever and ever closer to the true light of understanding and expression of the love that we are.

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