Setting yourself up for Success

Setting yourself up for success: Are you ready for this year to be the best year ever? Have you spent time and inner reflection on what it is you really want for yourself?

What do you want to happen, to change?  

What do you not want in your life?  

What are you prepared to let go of?

If you could wave a magic wand and have one thing that would transform your life completely,  what would that be?

These are 4 key questions which may seem a little overwhelming at first thought, but which can help in setting yourself up for success.  When you are crystal clear about what you want, those things show up easily in your life. To do this, you must first start with setting your intention.

Setting your intention

Setting yourself up for successSetting your intention means putting time and energy into reflecting on what you really want that has meaning and purpose, and which is going to make a real difference to your life.  Setting intentions can also help go beyond your normal realm of thought. This at first may feel like you are taking a huge step across a chasm.

Too often our desires are just wishes and hopes. We hope things may change. We hope things may happen. However nothing just happens. We either consciously intend for something to transpire or our unconscious thoughts carve out our future.

Even when we are not aware of what those unconscious thought may be, setting intentions can help bring them to the surface giving us the option to change them, anxiety and heal our doubts and limiting belief patterns. So setting intentions is a very worthwhile exercise which gives us the opportunity to determine our life’s outcomes.  I know I’d much rather be in the driver’s seat rather than having my subconscious mind dictate my life’s journey. I’m not saying that all of your internal blocks will surface all at once, but this is a good a place to start in taking care of your inner world and getting it cleaned up. If you want your world to change, start thinking with intention.

Being crystal clear

It’s very important to be crystal clear about what you want, because this makes all the difference in how easily those things show up in your life.

If you are not crystal clear on what you want, the universe will also be unclear on what to provide, leaving you in doubt and feeling frustrated when your ideal does not transpire. Being crystal clear ensures there is no room for confusion or ambiguity.

If you want help in getting clear and not sure how to go about it, checkout my “Getting Crystal Clear” blog that that will guide you through the process and help cement your intentions, giving them greater meaning.

Intentions that are heartfelt are way more powerful that ones just thought about

Too often we listen to our mind and ignore our heart and wonder why we feel unfilled. So its also key to tune into your heart when setting intentions. You can do this whilst writing out your intentions or list them first and then meditate on each one and check-in to see how your heart feels and the message it is giving you. This will ensure that your heart and mind are aligned limiting room for doubt to enter.

Intentions that are heart felt are way more powerful that ones just thought about. They vibrate at a higher frequency. Any thought or action that is heart driven has a greater impact, is more energised and brings about the greatest transformation.  We then start to think and act with intention. Outcomes are therefore ‘intended’. That thought now charged with positivity and focus starts to weave its magic creating avenues that lead to fruitful outcomes. You are therefore really setting yourself up for success.

Ever wondered why outcomes that you hoped for did not transpire?

That is because they were just that. They were a ‘hope’ instead on an intended outcome. Hoping is in itself a positive feeling. It is a start of something better, as in, not thinking the worst, which is negative. But hope can also be ineffectual where doubt lingers in the background. Hoping can mean that we have some level of doubt and leaving it to chance.

Take your time

setting yourself up for successGive yourself the opportunity to brainstorm what you want and take your time. Think about what you are asking for. After all you are setting the foundation for your life and how you want it to transform. You are taking control and deciding your outcomes. So its not something to rush and get over with as soon as possible. Take time and make effort.

Brainstorm to start with if it helps. You may end up with a long list at first go and that’s ok because you can revisit your list, reflect on it and update it, as your heart guides you. The purpose here is to allow yourself the space and time to express your heart’s desire even if that means stepping outside your comfort zone. Write it down anyway, and do not worry about the “how will it happen”.

When you put effort in up front in the “planning (reflecting) stage” you set a foundation on more solid ground where your intended outcomes are the result. When your intentions are crystal clear there is no ambiguity; no room for confusion within your self, or what you are asking the universe to provide.  Believe it not, we do get what we ask for. So setting yourself up for success means being totally prepared and clear on where you want to go and what you want.

So if you are ready to transform your world and set intentions that will take you on a new pathway of personal growth and achievements you can see your easy to follow guide to setting powerful intentions

Your very thoughts and intentions set the scene on how your year will pan out for you and what you achieve.

Is it time to focus on the best outcomes for your life?

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