Soulawaken Insights- Soul Power:

When we walk in our Soul’s shoes we connect to our true self, and that is a very exciting feeling because the real self is pure love. It is simply magical.

There is no other word for it. It really is quite magical. It is bliss, happiness, joyfulness and it is seeing the world in a very, very different way. We see everything as a set of experiences where we make insightful choices.

We don’t harbour the negatives like resentment or judgement or blame or guilt. That thinking just isn’t there. It doesn’t exist. We just accept things as they are and make our choices about how we perceive the situation and deal with it. And more importantly, we grow from that experience.

Your radiant Soul wants to give you back the gift of YOU. It is saying that there is a beautiful sparkling jewel in here that you haven’t yet touched, that you haven’t yet seen.

Your soul guides you each day to uncover that real authentic you which is ‘pure gold’ and to know why you are here.

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