According to Sandy Hounsell self-esteem is like a battery. When the battery is charged, we feel positive; but when the battery is low, we can feel quite negative.

People with low self-esteem often approach most situations with little confidence, even though they may be fully capable of overcoming that particular situation. They miss out on growing from their experiences when their thoughts and emotions do little to instill a great sense of self-belief.

Self-belief is the foundation of true self-esteem where it pumps us up with a dose of extra confidence that both inspires us and challenges us to push beyond our perceived boundaries.

So how do you develop self-belief where you wholeheartedly believe in who you are and feel good walking in your skin?

It comes through positive self-esteem, which means that you see yourself as equally capable as anyone else, no better or worse; and where you do not indulge in comparing yourself to another. Everyone is endowed with unique gifts that are naturally reflected in how we go about our life, from handling difficult situations that come along, in how we grow from our life’s experiences, to how we achieve our personal goals. So it makes no sense to compare your self to any one else. That habit is not conducive in strengthening your sense of self-esteem. So why indulge in that practice at all? It’s self-defeating.

Approaching everything with a positive outlook will definitely increase self-belief and self-confidence as well as projecting that positivity into situations to bring about successful outcomes.

So I encourage you to learn to accept yourself unconditionally. Learn to love who you are. Accept and acknowledge that there may be parts of you that you want to improve and heal. And do see them as just parts, or a part of you. Not the whole of you. Those niggling habits, negative thoughts and fears are an indication that something is not right within and which definitely require your loving attention. Yes, your loving care and nurture. You do not need the inner critic having a go, reprimanding you for being a failure. In other words, don’t base your identity, the whole of you, on a few parts that are broken and which need help.

You have strengths and weaknesses, and you will have achievements and what you may see as failures. But failures are only seen as such when we don’t look for the golden nugget of wisdom that is being presented. Often when we feel that we have failed, we didn’t listen to our inner voice or followed our intuition. As you acknowledge those parts of you that do no not reflect your true nature, you will feel stronger and more courageous, increasing your sense of self-esteem and self-awareness. Those who always languish are never happy. Those who blame everyone else for their failures, being consumed with negativity never get far.

It is important to not let your mistakes or failures overpower you, and ruin your happiness. Cease the blame or judgment, accept what is and look for the wisdom and move on. Follow this advice and you will find yourself growing more easily and more joyfully from having presented yourself with the wonderful gift of wisdom.

You are most beautiful. There is nothing wrong with you.





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