The Struggle of Fear and Anxiety

Is worry, stress and insecurity crippling your chances of success and holding you back from your dreams and goals? Do you feel vulnerable, not good enough?  Are you constantly experiencing anxiety, wondering what is going to happen, always believing the worst? Is anxiety eroding your sense of trust and belief in just who you are? Does it stop you from sleeping at night?

Become Anxiety Free Now

Having an understanding of ‘why anxiety’ and where it comes from, loosens its hold over you. Freeing your mind, your emotions and your potential to succeed, so you can live your dream and live your purpose. These fearful emotions can be dissolved for good and replaced with uplifting, joyful feelings, giving your life a sense of purpose and meaning.

Understanding Where Anxiety Comes From

Anxiety  in many ways is a learned behaviour that we have grown up with. We are at our most vulnerable when young dependent on others to take care of all of our needs and to both nurture and nourish our sense of worth and self-esteem. Up to the age of 7 our minds are like sponge and everything that we see and hear we believe to be true. So when we experience negative comments being directed at us personally our self worth and self-esteem is eroded leaving us feeling emotionally unsafe.

To counter balance feeling unsafe a part of our mind steps in and pushes those uncomfortable feelings away, burying them deep down inside our minds; into the subconscious part of our mind where they become ‘out of sight’ and ‘out of mind’. Over time this practice of burying painful feelings becomes a habit as by pushing our feelings away, we feel better and form belief systems of blame or judgement about others and ourselves.

The practice of burying our feelings is denying how we really feel, so in that moment of ‘burial ‘we are not allowing our self to truly express our feelings and therefore heal their damaging effect. Instead we strengthen our negative belief systems where they control our thinking and influence our perception of our self and of our life. All this in order to feel safe; it’s all we want as children, to feel safe as well as feel loved for who we are,

Buried emotions when left unattended can wreak havoc, creating very strong feelings of insecurity. We are always on alert, finding ways to feel emotionally safe and secure. So when a situation arises later on in life where you may feel threatened, like going for an interview, closing a deal, signing up new clients, Anxiety jumps in to grab your attention, because it wants to protect you. That is what you have subconsciously programmed your mind to do. And because that part of your mind has had free reign to do as it pleases over a long period of time, it has become out of control, where your life is now out of control. Anxiety creeps up when least expected taking your mind, your emotions and thoughts spiraling in an inward direction, making you feel extremely vulnerable and unsafe, where you just want to curl up and hide.

Dissolving the root cause

But by dissolving the underlying emotional triggers, healing the root cause of our emotional distress, our mind and our emotions become calm. Thoughts become more positive and uplifting. You feel energised. Doubt is replaced by hope, leading to more positive and uplifting thoughts. This replaces a once shaky, vulnerable foundation, with a sense of self-assuredness and belief in your future; and more importantly in yourself. Uncertainty fades away as you step out of the fear into the life you want and so deserve.   Dissolving the root cause is possible. Having a future buikt on unlimted success is possible. Being in a relationship that is balanced and harmonius where you can be your real uniques self witout apologising for who you are, is possible. It’s your birth right. 

If you are ready to break free from anxiety  forever and you are committed to following a very personlised Soul Connection Healing Program, then book a free Anxiety Assessment Breakthrough Session to see if we are a good fit to work together.

I warn you this program is not for everyone. If you are not serious about having emotional balance, in fact liberation, true balance and harmony in your relationships and an unlimited successful future that you really want; never having to struggle or doubt ever again… then this is not for you.  But if you do want all these things and which you deserve to have, then wait no longer…

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